using a three bin compost system

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Ryan did some research on what type of bin he wanted to build and decided on a 3-bin-composter. When providing this information to residents, safe tool use should be encouraged along with wearing of protective gear (safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.) To do this you need a decent composting system, and it’s simple to make a smart-looking compost bay using recycled materials. Compost ready for use in the vegetable garden. An earth base allows drainage and access to soil organisms, but if you have to compost on a hard surface, then add a spadeful of soil to the compost bin. Pee behind a tree (or on the lemon tree!). The system will take a weekend to build. So if your schedule isn’t quite conducive to building these compost systems right now, thats ok. Materials can be gathered / stored in the middle bin until it’s full. For three … Get the compost bin plans for this three-crate system that will shave weeks off your composting process. Nearly 1 cubic yard of compost can be produced per bin in the three-bin composting system. However, the result is a pretty great, high end, compost system. Once the compost looks mostly broken down, it can be moved to your second bin and you can start over in the first. Note - The Rubbermaid compost bin in the above video did not have any holes drilled in it for drainage, so it exaggerated the disadvantages of using plastic. Believe it or not, this one really is not that difficult to build and it is really huge so it will create loads of compost. Compost also needs airflow. DIY Three-Bin Compost System This bin system is designed to compost large amounts of yard waste in the shortest period of time. Make Your Own Backyard Compost System. Having the 3 bins is so much easier than just having one pile because you get one bin to toss everything into, another bin to mix it and turn it into compost, and a third bin for finished compost that’s ready to use in the garden. Pests like ants, rats and raccoons are attracted to food scraps in outdoor yard waste compost bins. This is easily accomplished using a moveable bin or series of bins like this 3 Bin System. Learn more as we talk about how to get started with this system. Materials finish composting in the last bin (right). This way, there is a space for adding fresh ingredients, and one with compost ready to use. Materials are then chopped, moistened, and mixed into an end bin. If you’re using a two or three bin system, use a pitchfork to turn the compost every 3-5 days. Smart composting options. The unit can also be used as a holding unit for the slow composting of yard materials. Compost food and yard waste separately. The attached set of do-it-yourself compost bin … When ready, the materials are transferred to the last bin and turned over as often as possible to finish the process of creating rich, organic garden compost. Made from simple 2X lumber, it was easy to build, inexpensive, and even has removable front slats for easy use. Congratulations, you now have a working 3-bin system! MANUFACTURED COMPOST BINS. The same goes for the third bin. 26 Comments to “Three-Bin Compost System” Julia on March 20, 2009 at 8:07 am Last summer was the first time I had a compost bin, and I need to rethink my strategy…I took the passive method and was hoping by spring I’d have compost. This page shows how the three bin system works and what goes in each bin. Here is a three bin compost bin that has so much room to help you to create nutrient rich soil. The three bin system is a commonly used way to compost waste to create viable soil. Although the triple bin uses lumber, the sides are made from wire hardware cloth, so this cuts down on the expense of using all wood. Millions of people have been introduced to composting by using manufactured bins. Remove lids from jars, bottles and plastic containers before putting these in the recycling bin (yellow lid). Predrill screw holes and attach two of the 3-ft. boards to a pair of cleats with 2-in. his three-bin wooden unit (figure 1) is a sturdy system that allows you to quickly make a large volume of compost, if you turn the compost weekly. You can purchase them or build them yourself. When you reach the third bin, you can use the finished compost from the first bin. In this three-bin system, the left and middle bin are piled up with materials and turned every week or so. Kick your composting up a notch with these tips. Remove the front pallet as needed to access the compost pile. ( See : How We Built Our DIY Compost Bins) The double bin can be made from just … The compost should be ready for use after roughly three months. You'll need a 3x9 foot space in your yard to accommodate this bin. So how can you make the above three stages work with a nice 3 pile backyard compost system? Hot Composting – Open Bin Compost Bin. Using this simple 3-bin composter you can turn yard and kitchen waste into rich compost in 4 to 6 weeks. when appropriate during bin construction. The wheelie bin system does need some moisture to compost properly however. (There’s a great set of plans here, and there are also some great pictures of home-made compost systems here.) Position the bin in light shade or shade; it is often more convenient to use a shady area of the garden. Once set up, the three-bin composting system will consist of one bin with yard waste being composted; one bin empty, to or from which the compost is turned; and one bin containing finished, or nearly finished, compost (see graphic). Then you can start a pile in the newly vacated bin. You can put this anywhere in the yard where you have room for … Others like to have a three-bin system for the turning purposes. I mixed my compost ingredients at a ratio of about 1 part greens to 4 parts browns, added store-bought compost inoculant, and watered my pile. For effective composting, individual bays need to be a minimum of 1 cubic metre – and two or three bays are better than one. Exact dimensions were used whenever possible, but the term “approximately” was used because the actual dimensions of cedar fencing and rough cedar vary from board to board. Compost should be ready to use in three to six months. There are two ways to use this system as It is simple, completely free, and fast! Aug 24, 2016 - Using a 3 bin composting system makes it easy to manage, turn, aerate and use. Note that building this bin system requires some carpentry skills. However, I've spoken with several professional worm farmers, all of which said, "AVOID using plastic worm bins!" Cut the 6-ft. boards into twenty-four 3-ft. lengths. These guys make a living off of composting worms, so I don't take their warning lightly. The easiest way to harvest the finished compost from your bin is to run it all through a simple compost sifter. These are perfect for a One Bin or Multi-bin System.. If you enjoyed this post, check out my Herb and Seed Cleaner. Great 3 bin compost system design . Turning is basically just mixing it all up. If using a tumbler, just turn it once every few days. Why is a Two or Three Composting Bin Beneficial? Oct 10, 2016 - This DIY pallet compost bin system is a nice alternative to the expensive alternatives you can buy at the store. In a three-bin compost system, the first bin (left) holds fresh materials ready for composting. If you have a timber bin system, you can turn your pile with a garden fork or using a specially designed corkscrew-type tool that you twist into the pile, then pull out to create an air space. Each stage should be divided into separate compost piles that do not intermix. By the time the compost makes it into the third bin, it is ready for use. Just this week, my boyfriend and I installed a two-bin compost system in our backyard, and we are already in love with it. made using recycled or reused materials. 9. This is when the composting gets started. As for excess liquids, the first thing is that you shouldn’t need to drain excess liquids if most people don’t pee in it. ... Two people can build this compost bin system in a weekend. Once it breaks down more you will want to transfer to the next bin, and start over in the first bin with a new base layer and so on. The system that they liked the best is a three bin composter. The only really vulnerable part of this 3-bin compost pile system is that the 2″ x 6″s and 2″ x 2″s will eventually rot, though they are easy enough to replace. Move the compost from one bin into the next, allowing it to turn. Build these DIY compost bins using wood and chicken wire. Materials are moved to the second bin (middle) to keep things running hot and decomposing fast. If you would like to have a continuous supply of compost, consider a three bin system. Compost can be made without a bin, but the process is typically faster if piles are turned. 9. In fact, most compost bins today are manufactured from high quality recycled plastic resin. You might want to try this “Stationary Composter”. You could even use several together for using the 3 bin system. Here are some suggestions on where to buy compost bins, for each of the three methods. In a three-bin system, the first section of the compost bin is for fresh scraps. Three Bin Compost System Materials are available at most building supplies stores and will cost around $300 new. By using multiple bins that are covered, you have more control over your bins. It’s also important to turn your compost pile frequently. Photo/Illustration: Steven Cominsky Once one bin is full and decomposing, you can work on filling another. By using multiple bins, one compost pile will be ready for your garden, the other you can add new fresh scraps into. I look forward to hearing your comments. Over the past five years, working with Denver Urban Gardens, I came to understand why so many gardeners call compost “black gold.” Now that I have been able to transition to a personal home garden, finding a way to easily compost was essential. Our latest two bin compost system is by far our favorite. Heavily stained pizza boxes can go in the organics bin, compost bin or worm farm. However, this system should work quite well for my large family and last for a long time to come. The large size will allow you to compost everything you've got--from garden trimmings to kitchen waste. You may need two or three (or more) depending on how many people are using it. I saved my browns and greens in two of those bins until I had the right amounts of each. The whole system is about two and a half metres long by a metre deep and high, so we'll end up with 2 bays large enough to hold the amount of material needed for hot compost. When I first started growing my own food, I dutifully began a three-bin compost system. Once the first bin is done composting you can start using the finished compost material. The browns and greens will start to heat up and compost. The three-bin system also allows you to continue to compost throughout the year, while also having compost readily available for when you need it in the garden. The finished composter, open, with one slat removed. Commercial sifters are available, or you can create a makeshift sifter using a piece of wire hardware fabric with a …

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