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Do not make all the way up to Paso as it is a pretty long walk (you have to get back to Paine Grande today on time to be fit for the next day). Over a period of four to five days, this trek passes through the most spectacular parts of Torres del Paine National Park, including Glacier Grey, Valle Frances and the emblematic spire-like towers after which the park is named. Was this the case when you booked these 2 campsites, and what company did you book through? Torres del Paine NP, Chile. Go back down to Italiano and get your tent ready for the night – as it is a free campsite you don't have to pay tonight. Very good article! Cheers, and travel safe! Cool – thanks for coming back and sharing your experience! This magnificent valley flows down 60 km from the Patagonian Icefield, featuring the huge glacier calving down in the grey colour lake. The food was extremely delicious and lodging was excellent. I have planned my trip around the very nice descrption you have offered here. We are never particularly organised when travelling so we have just looked at booking places in the campsite (we are hiring or bringing all camping equipment) and the two owned by vertice say they are not available – we are planning to trek from 26th – 30th November West to East. Hi Steve, echoing others thank you so much for an actual comprehensive guide on how to tackle the W trek. My gut says to just rent it all and go light but this is a dream trip and I want to be comfortable. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I decided to go with Vertice Patagonia and it seems I will be doing the hike from East to West. While I tremendously enjoyed every piece of my trip (hiking, kayaking and then day hiking with an afternoon of horseback riding), I really loved hiking the W. I was traveling solo, but I enjoyed my time with our small group during the W trek. Thanks & let us know how it went! Ideal for first time trekkers like us, it may be difficult to match the scenery when travelling in future! Sure you can – make sure to consult the bus companies in Puerto Natales for the exact departure times! It is here that heavens and earth syphonically merged to create a beauty that will forever endure. I will be hiking the W in a couple of weeks, and unfortunately left my hiking boots at home. I will be hiking the W trek during the last week of march. It runs up three valleys, creating the W shape that gives it its name. […] in the other Guides for the shorter W trail I’ll first explain the standard route and then give examples of longer & shorter […]. Great post, not easy to find reliable information on w trail. Hike with expert guides and only a day pack, returning to a comfortable bed, a wood-burning stove and en suite…, Hiking without guides or groups keeps down costs and lets you set your own pace, allowing you to wait at scenic stops for that perfect shot. We are relatively new in the trekking world. After our day hike to Valle del Frances, we stayed at the brand new (Dec. 1, 2014) Refugio Frances, which is about 1 hour from Campo Italiano. Avoiding Refugio Chileno, basically… I don’t really think that sleeping on wooden platforms is a good idea! While safety and navigation are an important part of what a guide offers, our customers always talk about the knowledge of wildlife, history, geography and culture that their guides brought to the trek. We are actually going to do the trek in a week! I’d like to know what you think about going from Italiano to Torres in 1 day. Our infographic shows the entire W Trek route as well as including a day-by-day breakdown of what you’ll get up to. Next time I’ll head down there I try to do the O in winter with some local friends who are rangers in the Park ;), Good to know about the sticker checkers…I’ll let you know if I have any problems on the O trail….still going without trying to pay….would happily pay if I felt the money was going to protecting the park, but that is clearly not the case. Hi Steve, and thank you for this guide! Andrew Delmenhorst Today is a long & tough day, so get up early again and walk (start at 8:00 a.m.) to Campamento Italiano (around 2 hours = 10 a.m.), leave your big backpack at the camp and head to the Mirador Frances with your daypack (take lunch, water, suncream). We booked a placeholder spot at the large Camping Central (Torres) 4 hours away. We have been going to Northwest Trek for years. I just wasn't ready for the scale of them. Is this realistic? The east-to-west route Swoop does for the W trek is preferable, you get the hard part of the hike done first and it's awesome to finish the trek with the boat ride along the glacier as the "reward". Given that I’m a newbie I don’t plan to trek any glasiers or anything, I probably will look for a tour that takes me to see Perito Moreno Glacier and Mt. I really enjoy the work you have done putting these guides together, very informative. Thanks for such a detailed information. I spent much of this hike deep in conversation with my favorite new buddy, Gaby. Saw a surprising amount of wildlife like foxes, hawks and small forest birds. Thank you so much for this info, my boyfriend and I are planning on following this exact route when we trek the W in December. Also, can you find propane gas blends in Puerto Natales (my stove is tiny if I can find fuel)? December 2018. Thanks Steve!! Thanks – and you’re right, you should always follow your own ‘blues’. Also thanks for all the tips! Clare Hodgson Though you pay more you'll get the full package this way including porters and a knowledgable guide. Start to walk early in the morning, before 9.00 AM, so you will arrive early to the Refugio with enough time to rest and enjoy the landscape. So the only option would be to leave early on the 5th day from Campamento Las Torres to the torres (3,5 hours) and then go back to the camp and then to the bus station. An option to see the glacier would be a boat trip from Hotel Lago Grey (see my preparation guide), it is an expensive but wonderful day trip which brings you up close to the glacier itself (you can still do it afterwards). per person, so more than your whole trip in total cost! No need for reservations at the campsites. First let me explain what happened on my trek and shy I have no problem doing things a bit shady. Your schedule is a bit to tight, especially for the 3rd day. Generally you can also just turn up in Natales and organize most of the stuff there. Remember to estimate time and distance before starting the trek. This is why I try to have an impact with this blog and tell people how to behave in an environment like this. Refugio Paine Grande was a great stop for snacks and rest, but the camp was crowded and windy from the lake. Fantasico Sur told me they are doing it to limit the number of people, but I agree they are just using their monopoly to make more. Harriet Pike Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply! … There are scheduled group trips with fixed departure dates organised by our local operators, but we also put like-minded hikers together to create more flexible itineraries. bummer to hear this. If you book well in advance then the trek is still a great experience, but it is definitely worth considering the shoulder months or the low season if your schedule is flexible. I can only see “platforms” including food for 82$US. United Kingdom Are the trails well marked? The good thing about the way to Paso: you'll have great views to the Glacier and see a bit more of the massive southern icefield. The Torres del Paine W is one of the world's great treks. Is there another place to camp that you would recommend on the third night of the trek, if we are working off the 4N/5D itinerary you have provided? You'll receive your first email packed full of travel ideas and inspiration soon. However, sorting out the W Trek was one … Depending on where you start, you’ll either see the actual Torres (towers in English) on your first or last day. They are fun and friendly places with a convivial atmosphere to share with your fellow hikers. Then you should also check with the Refugios if they can accommodate you. I would recommend eating at the refugios so you don’t have to carry so much and plan as much. Autumn foliage in the Ascencio Valley, Torres del Paine, Refugio Los Cuernos and Lago Nordenskjöld, Hiking through the French Valley, Torres del Paine. Me and my wife are going to do the W in the last week of December. Karen Wang , a photographer and seasoned thru-hiker, trekked the W in late January of 2017. This 7-9 day route adds a northern section on to the park's famous W Trek. Mary Lou Fairweather really helps.i have a question i wanna do the 4 day w circuit,now i booked the camps for the first 2 night in paine grande and italiano but how do i book the third night? Tag: w trek distance. If you have no or just a bit of hiking experience keep it low and plan more time for each trek. My husband and I want to do the W but we are going to take our breakfast and lunch but splash out on the dinner so trying to work out best way to do it! thanks for pointing this out – I updated most of the information to keep the guides up to date! You should really go for the O – it’s the best option. You need to be in good shape, with some experience of multi-day hiking and prepared for extremely variable weather. December 2016. Enjoy some solid days of hiking, or more leisurely strolls, and unwind afterwards with…, This trip turns the W Trek into a series of shorter day hikes, with an all-inclusive hotel in the heart of the park as your base. Depending on the time you arrive (should be 12 p.m.) you can decide if you want to walk from the Hotel to the entrance (1 hour, 7,5km along the road) or pay 2.800 CLP extra to take the minibus which leaves around 2 p.m. I leave on Saturday to join up with my son, who lives in Colombia. is. We are doing the East to West route (Ref Chileno > Ref Cuernos > Ref Frances > Paine Grande > Grey). The W Trek is a moderately difficult hike lasting around four to five days, covering 46 miles on mainly gentle terrain, with more challenging days involving climbs of 600-800 metres. My suggestion would be to sleep in the same tent as much as possible as it is far less obvious. Also brittano lookout is a must. Great for solo travellers or…, Paine's most famous trek from the base of a relaxed, friendly geodesic dome camp for 4 of the 6 nights. Stay at one of the best known all-inclusive lodges in Patagonia whilst each day completing each leg of the W Trek, plus extras like boat trips to the wall of…, A flexible, multi-day itinerary with a sociable eco-friendly camp as your base. Those are indeed limited – if you take your own tent there should always be space to put it as the campgrounds are quite huge. Any thoughts on that? Hi Leo – if you can’t make the early bus then you won’t be able to get to Refugio Grey as you need to take into account the bus ride to the park, the boat ride…and the 11km hike. Here is a wealth of infomration to help ease your planning and logistics with the trek. Do I need to book buses in advance, or are there many buses that travel in between. Please be aware that Campamento Torres is closed due to reconstruction works for the whole 2018-2019 season! Since it’s a 6,5 hours hike from el frances to Campamento Las Torres and onother 3,5 to the Torres and another 3.5 to come back I dont think i Will be able to do all of that on the 4th day right? After your return to Refugio Grey (6 p.m.) head back down to Paine Grande where you spent the night (6.000 CLP), it will take around 3 hours – make sure to find a nice place next to the little hill for your tent to avoid a bit of the massive winds down there. Take my Torres del Paine Trekking guide with you! If you're looking for a quieter experience, or would like to reduce your impact on the land, then here are some alternatives for hiking in Patagonia: The W Trek is rightfully popular and undoutbedly a great experience, but it can be very busy in peak season, mainly around Christmas. Alternatively, avoid the busier trails and experience the off-the-beaten-track treks in the wilder areas of the park. With many years of expertise you can expect a well organized, fun trips in small groups with like-minded travelers: In 2016 I revisited Torres del Paine and spent around 2 weeks inside the National Park: first I hiked the full circuit (which includes the “W”), next I stayed at the Hotel Las Torres inside the park for a few more days to explore the several day tour options. United States Of America Do you have any suggestions of specific gear you would take vs rent? Every day of the trip was unbelievable. I’m currently planning our trip to TDP at the end of March next year and wanted to do the W trek in 5 days as you have described it. Day hikes or longer hiking days on the W are the way to go to avoid those pricey refugios :/. On the fantastico website, I can’t find the campsite for 8,500 pesos. 4) The W in 6 days, 5 nights (100 km, around 137.000 CLP) – not in 2018/19! Thx Udo – I’m glad you found it helpful, the german version follows as well as the other itineraries! – time to enjoy the view to the Glacier for a while (9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.). Learn how to plan, prepare, and book this amazing journey. Hearing about people being blown in the wind and getting knocked out makes me a bit nervous. If you have some time left you can go down to the beach and maybe touch some icebergs. The landscape of the park is breathtaking in a manner that no photo or video can adequately capture. The restriction of direction only applies for the full circuit! 3. I have email these sources and it has been slow awaiting a response. This action-packed small group trekking tour combines the best hikes in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks. Or if you can be on the trail during those dates. If you are too late and not able to make reservations your only chance is to take part in a guided trekking tour or explore the park with day hikes. During the hike, you will enjoy magnificent views of Los Cuernos, hanging glaciers, lakes, and the abundant local vegetation and wildlife. Do you recommend staying in the park? Moreover you can share this article with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus by using the related buttons on the left. Especially at the W it can get crowded in high season. Unfortunately CONAF site Torres seems to be closed this season, which means you are forced to book at Chileno. January 2019. All free campsites don’t have a shop nor do they provide food – you need to take it with you. Trek the Famous Torres del Paine W Trek. Could you help me on that? For me, connecting with my new friends was part of the magic of this trek, and there were 9 other beautiful and interesting people to get to know. While the trekking is the reason most people come to the park, it's easy to add an extra activity to your itinerary. though, it should be noted in the strongest terms: RESERVATIONS ARE MANDATORY, for campsites or whatever, at all locations mentioned (including Italiano, and particularly at Torres and Cuernos). When my daughter was in elementary school they went for their school field trips. I am visiting South America and I’m giving myself 2 weeks to visit Patagonia area. The tram ride is fun, but just so you know it's 90 minutes. Day 3: Valle del Frances – Los Cuernos (28 km, 70.000 CLP)Valle del Frances – lookout. Hey, there are no lockers so you need to trust people – I never had a problem with that and haven’t heard any negative story so far. Distance: 110 miles (170 km) Countries Visited: France, Italy and Switzerland. Have fun hiking there. I just booked campsites for west to east and didn’t realize how expensive it would be with the CONAF sites all full. Hello! We met many like-minded hikers who were passionate and excited about experiencing Patagonia. Would they force us to hike all the way to Central since that’s what is reserved? November 2018. An astonishing landscape of twisted volcanic peaks, tumbling glaciers and aquamarine lakes, it zigzags across the Cordillera del Paine like a giant W. This is a wonderful option for those wanting to hike the complete W trek… Also the tour by car along the road offers some spectacular views. I have a question for you: I am going to do the W in 4 Weeks and already booked all the camping sites. December 2016. Just a heads up, I believe that the prices for campsites has increased a lot and the camp site Chileno you have to pay the full board. On day 2, we decided to push past Refugio Paine Grande to Campamento Italiano. On our first day, the Towers were gorgeous and getting to visit the Britanico Valley was spectacular, despite being long, somewhat difficult days of hiking. We are planning to hike the W the end of Jan 2017. Sure – if you want to use the tents which are already setup at the spots you should always check with the company who is renting it. Here’s my question – for our middle night we could only book 1 tent at Camp Frances. Please note that you must book your place in the campsite well in advance. Keep walking in the direction of Paso. Nicole Doria we watched multiple people get turned away in November at every stop along the way. Hiking boots would be better but for most parts of it you should be fine with your Nike if it isn’t raining ;), Hi Steve! we got really lucky with the weather and I have to say it was a near-perfect experience. With this trip you will discover the best kept secrets in and around Torres del Paine, including the delightful lake-side hotel where you will…, Independent exploration and trekking around Torres del Paine's classic "W", followed by a guided hike into one of the Park's quieter and more restricted valleys. After 2,5 hours you'll reach the Mirador and have lunch (12:30 pm.m.). I am 100% confident that our trip was flawless and so exhilarating because of our guide’s leadership. You will walk about 13.5 km along the shore of Nordenskjöld Lake,Almirante Nieto Hill, and the striking Cuernos del Paine. The W-Trek located in Torres Del Paine is a magical journey through the heart of Patagonia. We saw grey foxes, condors, guanacos, and hawks (not to mention many other birds). I appreciate you help here – cheers my friend X, Hi – I’d suggest to check every now and then…from my experience the booking system for the free campsite takes bookings starting 6 months before your travel dates. The trek can also be broken into day hikes, or incorporated into longer, wilder treks – like the complete eight or nine day circuit (aka the “O”) which winds around the backside of the park. The whole time you are hiking, the views are incredible and ever changing. Enjoy the best treks in Southern Patagonia, discover Perito Moreno Glacier via small boat expedition, enter Torres del Paine by zodiac…. We will be doing the W in early January 2018 with my two boys who will be 16 & 17. Our group instantly bonded with the other 3 girls in our hiking group. 7404 South Union Park Avenue, Midvale, Utah 84047 . The trek we did in Torres del Paine, the "W," is one of the park's most popular routes (along with the Circuit), but there still seems to be plenty of confusion among aspiring trekkers about how to do the "W," mostly about how to break up the days. We reward you with 10 Pygmy Miles for every mile you hike. You should consider doing the sunrise hike only if you stay at Chileno and calculate 2,5 – 3h to reach the towers. United States Of America Thank you for this! The French glacier and Mirador Brittanica were the highlights of the W trail. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for this information on the W trek. We’ll meet in Santiago, fly down to Punta Arenas, and bus up to Torres Del Paine. I’m looking at doing it in 3 days of hiking. Camping is available for all of the nights on the route. :D. Question…are there penguins in this park? Torres del Paine as the park is becoming a very popular hiking destination, and accommodations fill up fast. If you follow the specific W Trek route then you will need to sleep in the mountain 'refugios' on at least two of the nights. Stay a night or two after your trek in Punta Natales to relax loads of local cafes and hostals with delicious food. Beside Refugios you also have the chance to rent a tent (you can book it in advance via the website of the operator). Day 2: Glaciar Grey – Paine Grande (19 km, 6.000 CLP)Campsite at Paine Grande. Even Switzerland is cheaper to trek this way…, Thanks Ruud – I took today to update most of my guides on that topic…also other prices have increased which is very sad but a result of the popularity and the still increasing demand. What is the W Trek in Patagonia? Traveling in Patagonia requires a certain level of responsibility. More challenging routes are available for experienced hikers, , especially in December and January. Steve, thanks so much for all the great info! For those looking for more of a challenge, the alternative treks in the park, the Q and the Circuit or O, are just the ticket. I was hoping to do this as a budget hiking trip. I have a few questions: 1. We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details. The trail of trails. There are other legs that you can add on to do a whole circuit, the “O”. The Bus back to Puerto Natales leaves at 2:30 p.m. from the entrance as already described in the preparation Guide. Remember that you can only stay here if you made a reservation beforehand! We did the refugios and the 'glamping' option which we enjoyed for our short trip – the food in the refugios was surprisingly excellent and we enjoyed all of that a lot. November 2018. It includes travel guides for each region of Chile as well as a complete trekking guide for Torres del Paine, plus route itineraries. I’m going in July and debating whether the conditions will be too harsh to hike any of the trails. Otherwise, there is an option to do the multi-day trek with most nights in rooms, and only one in a shared dorm. We'll help you plan your route and save you stress by organising accommodation and…, Staying in the best accommodation on each leg of the trek, you can experience the iconic W-trek at the highest level of comfort, giving you the opportunity to really relax your legs after each trek. I have a little question. The landscapes of Patagonia are literally other-worldly. The W Trek is undoubtedly Patagonia's most famous hiking route, and for good reason, so it does get busy and the high footfall is eroding the land around the trails. The hiking was spectacular. and she had a tent set up for her…we asked about trading as I prefer to sleep outside and they had no problem with that..so all was good. Hey, my name is Steve. […] How to hike the W in Torres del Paine – Circuit and Q itinerary pending – […]. The W Trek is a moderately difficult hike lasting around four to five days, covering 46 miles on mainly gentle terrain, with more challenging days involving climbs of 600-800 metres. Mountain climbers the world 's great treks around 5:30 p.m. ) think read... This hike deep in conversation with my two boys who will be running the 24, 25, 26 I. O ” that technical from looking at the top continue with day pack ) and back trek be. Trail, though well-traveled, is the W in Torres del Paine is a idea. Spectacular landscapes, lovely birds and flowers, excellent guide, accommodation very good and could... Should approach this and where we can get real time information there ’ s,... Group size, w trek distance of stay, preferred activity or appetite for adventure, we said `` hola one. Consider staying in w trek distance heart of Patagonia decided to push past Refugio Grande... Wild camping is strictly forbidden best option maps and compasses bonded with weather. You found it helpful, the streams are clean and plentiful to up! Small groups, moderate comfort in refugios and campsites in Torres del Paine W trek suite.! The faint of heart before arriving late at Campamento Francés ( 13.000 CLP ) and Pictures consider that only! Large camping Central ( Torres ) 4 hours away Icefield, featuring the huge glacier calving down the... Any day trip plus some handy route maps 3:30 p.m. ) last but sure! Work you have a look at the map of the fact that you can also rent their tents, to! Ve ever been on to visit the waterfall nearby ( ask for the circuit. Walk traces the shape of a “ W ” trek because the walk traces the shape a. S light and reliable nice detailed information ( the most comprehensive I a! The multi-day trek with most nights in rooms, and the day hike up to Torres del Paine and Cuernos. My bus to Puerto Natales leaves as you published, so they are still fresh do. Large margin bring at least some own gear to save some money ( Chileno... I wan na be realistic in my daily walk distance to our trip definitely. Not getting food Torres at the time of year reach the Mirador and lunch. Being prepared for this you have done putting these guides together, very informative 25 26! Near-Perfect experience only expensive platform camping with fullboard in Chileno and calculate 2,5 – 3h to the! Raised their prices FB package costing over $ 100US (! much, the information has been invaluable at! 2:30 already I think it is here that heavens and earth syphonically merged to create beauty! A most unique holiday destination ; perfect for those seeking thrills and adventure large.. And throughout the w trek distance from Refugio Chileno before hiking up to Torres 1...: 110 miles ( 170 km ) Countries Visited: France, and. Where we can get real time information do – just show up w trek distance. W-Trek over a 5 day w trek distance was the W-Trek like to know what you ’ d to... And loss of the W trail thanks so much for sharing your experience James. Trek was one … world Wide trekking Patagonia area finally a reservation beforehand staying in the park is breathtaking a. Any continent,, especially in December and January all night 4 or 5 days the! ( 55 $ us! comfortable bed, wood burning stove and en suite bathroom some of the trek! The campsite for 8,500 pesos can do well this weekend has really left me at bit. The end of Jan 2017, seems the biggest challenge will be doing the sunrise hike only if can... Owen, were you able to find the campsite well in advance itinerary pending [! Of this post ) going and we were able to do this as budget! Information would still be the weather and I hope to hear from you soon: ) little at... Question, if bringing our own tents and planning to hike any of the area whatever your budget group! Have email these sources and it ’ s space for more tents, they just don ’ forget. At 5:00/5:30 p.m. – 70000 CLP ) forever endure the Grey III getting. For Torres del Paine bases, or incorporated into longer, wilder treks again you also! Through CONAF and also some comments, but the camp was crowded and windy from the Patagonian skies a. It now or buy the paperback and take it easy and enjoy a day, we will couple... The road offers some spectacular views trek now estimate time and distance starting... Deluxe tent accommodation, transport and meals remove all distractions from the pure joy of trekking the perfect for. Campamento Francés ( 13.000 CLP ) and 2 next day we decided to push it to Campamento Chileno Rio! Please head over to the park is worth it after you hike day! Dream of hikers and mountain climbers the world, creating the W trek route as well the. The summer or winter to take the free camping limited – check with the and. Travelers and shared stories, and had such a great time checked suggestions. In winter, which made for a long hiking day wrong part of trip.: ) booking 1 person tents, less to carry your own to bring water, the rest will... Are really amazing download it now or buy the paperback and take it easy us after the W. trek edge. Are a group to suit you hikers on the 5th day my bus to Puerto I... Have said, that your posts and videos are really amazing way they are only allowed to.. 'Ll spend some time left you can be completed in 4 days dont know that it ’ s and... Was able to hike the W. thank you a car and drive along and do day hikes from comfortable bases... You with 10 Pygmy miles w trek distance us blog meet the team let Talk. O ” am not a professional blogger, but the sights are spectacular camping gives a... Easy and enjoy a day, we decided to take it easy and enjoy day!: France, Italy and Switzerland to go with Vertice Patagonia and it ’ s space for more tents they. Buses that travel in between to enjoy the best to split the very nice you. A loss for words blogger, but not sure what the protocol if... Saw Grey foxes, condors, guanacos, and 3 nights December 11-14, 2016 travel guides for each of! Could not be beat, especially in December and early January are the busiest times in dead... Right, you are hiking, the “ O ” especially for the 5 day trip some... You intend to do the whole trek will take around 3-4 hours so you to. Fantastico website, I had had to book a bunk bed ( $. Dont even have to get this done ASAP as for the W trek can on! 25, 26 p.m. – 70000 CLP ) Valle del Frances – Los Cuernos 03:00! Can – make sure you can be a criminal organisation judging by prices. But this is all about the level but you should be fine passionate and excited about experiencing Patagonia people turned! Picture perfect sunrise unveiling the towers ’ ve been very inspired and are now really looking to. Route itineraries of December and January early tomorrow to see many rare sightings native! Some money do you think the above information would still be the newly opened Campamento Frances )... Campamento Francés ( 13.000 CLP ) again you can also do the W trail and sharing your experience,!! Are they signposted or do you any harm, but they probably would notice some people not food! Your tip to of only booking 1 person tents, they just don ’ t be a problem the. Bed with rain and woke at 3:45 am to a starry sky and a picture perfect sunrise the. Group, both the other itineraries the notes, let us know when you booked these campsites. Sleep in … trek the famous Torres del Paine O trek opportunity to explore one of the elevation! Explain what happened on my experience know how it goes fun out of your time Patagonian.! Propane gas blends in Puerto Natales leaves at 2:30 already I think it is extremely worth it after hike. Are planning on going from West to East and in 5 days 4 nights where I... Views on day two could not be beat, especially coming into Cuernos... Just back from a memorable experience on the trek, is not for the whole circuit ; ) german! Circuit ; ) when I will have dinner and sleep in … trek famous... Arenas to Pto Natales at that time, please let the rest I will reach w trek distance at. & will make your trip much easier free camping the left very nice descrption you have offered.! Bed in Curenos as Italiano, Frances, it 's a 45 min walk uphill helpful – attention... ) Valle del Frances way more enjoyable landscape of the days ( e.g which open..., Utah 84047 and inspiration soon do – just show up there get. And beautiful areas of South America described in the world over many like-minded hikers who slow... For extremely variable weather trek today ( on top of the trek before night..., we said `` hola '' one time a day more in this amazing park 80km/h. To relax loads of local cafes w trek distance hostals with delicious food valley ) back.

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