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If you somehow manage to break this knife, they will replace it for free no questions asked. Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon MOLLE Compatible. Blade Length: 4.30 Inches You can learn more about their lifetime warranty here. Blade Composition: SK5 with Tuff-Ex Coating Con: Left-hand open is nearly impossible. Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon. Different point styles determine the behavior of your blade, so it’s imperative you choose one that will benefit you for the things you plan to do. The handles are constructed of linen micarta and create an ergonomic shape with a choil that prevents the hand from sliding during chopping. The 420HC steel is still a great material and many of the worlds best knife manufacturers swear by it. That number usually doesn’t matter and all you need to push forward is simply a single chance in hell. Blade Length: 5.25 Inches We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. I would not recommend this type of blade for a general use camping knife. Blade Composition: 1095HC Powder Coated The StatGear 99416 Surviv-All Outdoor comes with a 440 stainless steel drop point blade that measures 4.25 ... KA-BAR BECKER BK2. The whole package comes in at 10” and the blade is roughly 4.5” in length. Blade Length: 4.75 Inches If you need something else, check out the many other guides I’ve written on knives, such as my combat knives guide or my throwing knives guide! Blade Style: Drop-Point With little more than that idea in mind, Buck’s Rush is an extremely quick piece with a safety lock and a couple inches of 420HC steel. Blade Composition: 1095HC Total Length: 9.75 Inches There is a mini version called the Selkirk Small that’s an inch shorter and an ounce lighter, but here at Marine Approved we go hard and get the best of the best, so the full-size version it is! Total Length: 11.14 Inches Pick it up from Amazon at the link below, and be sure to check out the rest of the Compadre series to round out your camp EDC. The only real downside to S30V is that it might be a bit difficult or time-consuming for someone new to sharpening to get a good edge. If you’re going camping casually at a campground, you probably don’t need this but if you’re going camping in remote areas that are dangerous and where help is far away, a knife like this might just be the difference-maker in a clutch situation. Flagship: If you don’t own one of these, then we aren’t sure why you’re reading this list. Are you looking for hunting or camping knives? It’s leaner, lighter, and more vicious than the workaday pocket pieces that one expects from the giant. The 4 Best Knives of 2018. Buck 124 Frontiersman ​​. So, why is VG-10 so special? My Review: Camping gets expensive quite quickly when you’re shopping for new gear and with that said, its not always possible or economically sensical to buy the sharpest and strongest blades ever made. My Review: The beloved Tanto! You’ve come to the right place. Reminiscent of SpyderCo’s knives, the Spitfire is part of Buck’s rebirth. Laminating the steel allows for a harder HRC level without sacrificing durability to brittleness. Check on Amazon. This all comes together under removable Canvas Micarta handles, which are incredibly grippy and also quite comfortable! With that monstrous price tag, you get the knife, of course, but you also get Benchmades LifeSharp, which is basically a full repair and refurbish service at NO COST. Their knives reflect real-life experience from real people that have realistic expectations of a blade they would trust their lives on. My Review: ESEE offering up one of the coolest sheaths I’ve ever come across, the coveted ambidextrous Kydex. Simply put, pocket knives have a lot of moving pieces prone to failure and when used in a rigorous fashion, can be dangerous. Blade Composition: 1095 Cro-Van I know, that’s a terrible way to describe it, but when you find a knife under two hundred bucks that performs so well and feels so good to use, the confidence it gives you to overcome whatever tasks lay before you is indescribable. Arcway made me eat my words, though, as they’ve included one fine piece of Kydex to slip that blade into and they’ve gone ahead and thrown in a very sturdy multi-purpose belt clip. Proper Etiquette: When a gentleman leaves his domicile, he ... Buck 722 Spitfire. Hardness will determine the blades overall resistance to deformation, damage, and wear and tear during usage. Several drivers hide in the handle for when you need to do gear repairs before the next firefight. It’s insanely strong and as soon as you get your hands on one, you’ll feel what I’m talking about. I’m here today to help all my fellow campers outfit their gear arsenals with top-notch knives that are guaranteed to perform in the field no matter what style of camping and outdoor activities you enjoy partaking in! Buck 0650BKSTP ​​. My Review: This is an industry-known classic. Sheath Material: Thermoplastic. CNC machined and bearing easy flipper action, this is a fighter, a fixer, and an easy EDC. Handle Composition: 6061-T6 Aluminum What we get for $30 is a 9Cr17MoV HC 5.2″ ¼ serrated blade that’s powder-coated gunmetal gray. Determining the quality of a knife from the perspective of someone new to the industry can be extremely difficult. Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon. The blade thickness is.125” (3.2mm). Not all camping knives come with additional features and usually the additional features are subpar compared to what you could get if you bought each tool alone, however, having a knife capable of being used in multiple different facets of camping is always a big plus, even if its used as a backup to your primary tools. It’s not bad, but it’s not as versatile as something like a drop-point. For a better, more in-depth understanding of these materials, check out our full knife blade steels guide that I linked to above. Home » Knives » 23 Best Camping Knives in 2020 Review and Buying Guide. Fixed blades perform much better in terms of camping than folding or flip-out pocket knives. A rugged, TPU-coated 840D nylon case with 70L of storage space. These materials are actually considered top tier for most people, as these are probably among the highest-priced knives most people are willing to fork over the cash to obtain. No matter which path you take, you’ll be treated to a glass-reinforced nylon handle, an ovular finger hole for quick flipping, and a reversible stainless steel clip for carrying it tip-up or tip-down. The primary difference is that you pay an extra ~$5 for 2” of blade length and a somewhat different handle. Blade Style: Drop-Point Total Weight: 10.80 Ounces My Review: Another incredible heavy hitter with a lightweight price tag, the Prodigy series by Gerber is a 420 high carbon stainless steel single-piece constructed all-purpose camping knife that checks all the boxes! OSP. My Review: We had to throw a blade on here that consists of VG-10 steel for our beloved fisherman and sea dogs and as such, there is no better representation of a versatile camping knife utilizing VG-10 steel than Spyderco. My Review: We all know Buck knives are the best so stop reading and just go buy one. Pro: Ball-bearing flipper It also opens quickly and conveniently with one hand only. Handle Material: Micarta Ontario Knife Co. doesn’t mess around and for that reason, militaries all around the world outfit their soldiers with these knives for both combat and survival. The video below does a great overview of this knife and the sheath if you’re interested in learning more or seeing it in action! Con: Minimal jimping. With the 8 best Buck knives for EDC, we’ve got several reasons you should give Hoyt’s company a second look. I think you’ll find that guide extremely useful. It uses the same 420HC as many Bucks, but when put into an anodized aluminum handle, trimmed down for concealment, and given an aggressive drop-point, it becomes something far less friendly. Shop online at Amazon India and find the best deals on hiking and camping gear from various brands. I’d be wary of spending any less than what a case of beer would cost me. Alright, time to get you a camping knife so you can be on your way to new exploration! Handle Composition: G10 Each handle is bead-blasted aluminum that won’t corrode when being used on the high seas, and gives you a solid grip. The 110 was Al’s vision, and the 420HC steel legend that put Buck on the cultural map. All rights reserved, Everyday Carry: 8 Best Buck Knives for EDC. This knife comes with a beautiful natural full-grain buckskin sheath with a locking D-ring mechanism and retention strap. The handle also encompasses a Kraton glass breaker butt cap. Good Handle. The Compadre Camp knife has actually been around for a few years now, just not in this exact form. The blade is 154CM Steel and the handles are G10, but there’s more to this knife than the surface. Sheath Material: Boltaron. Blade Style: Drop-Point Buck Vantage Select. It is ambidextrous as well, which means that both left- and right-handed people can use it comfortably. Best Camping Knife Reviews. Blade Style: Drop-Point The best overall knife is the Benchmade Bugout 535 due to its attractive, light and functional design which keeps outdoor adventures and hikers in mind. Often imitated, never duplicated, the 110 has the same brass bolsters as always, paired with a Dymondwood handle, and Buck’s Forever warranty. Total Weight: 5.40 Ounces Made from the best materials and ergonomic in design, the knife is both easy to carry and use. Buying cheap knives may save you some money and may allow you flexibility in designs and such, but is it worth the risk? The guys who have them always seem to love to show them off like a prized possession, and I can understand that, after all, these are some of the best knives made that are still considered affordable for the normal person. The handle is comfortable, the blade is straightforward, it has well-placed jimping, and a good grind. The folding Alpha Hunter is a great all-around camping and hunting knife. These knives have been a part of the load out of any man or women from fighter pilot to fisherman. The LMF II is slightly larger, heftier, and has some nice features for survival applications including a larger pommel and lashing holes that can be used to attach the knife to a stick in order to make a spear. Al was the one who came up with the 110 folding knife that would eventually become known the world over as the standard Buck knife. Handle Composition: Electrically Isolated Glass-Filled Nylon with Overmolded Rubber There are offerings that you can grab where the Kershaw Camp has a 14” or 18” blade as well. The grip is a TPE handle, which I’m actually not a fan of. Anything up from here usually hosts diminishing returns but if you need something beefier, no worries, we cover the thick boy knives as well! It should be compact enough to carry easily but robust enough to cut rope, carve stakes, clear brush and help with food prep. You can use the knife spine and the included striker to get a fire going pretty quickly. That means a quality EDC knife that’s not overbearing. The James Company. Laminating CoS steel has garnered the Fallkniven A1 Pro a 60 on the Rockwell Hardness scale but their steel is far more durable and holds an edge longer than other comparably hard steels on the market today. Good reason the giant and incredible for multi-usage as the dream of Hoyt Buck from Kansas a good camping.. There Con: Unless you modify it, it isn ’ t stop at the may... Your choice of large or slightly less large ever packed along with me would consider decently priced and relatively quality! Some extra handles and an incredibly durable Cordura nylon sheath with a 440 stainless steel, 110! Offered by SpyderCo was, in fact, designed in tandem with the 0110BRS. A drop point blade is among the strongest on the inside curvature of the best hunting... 10 best Throwing Axes ( Ranked by a Marine including a KA-BAR without direct permission prohibited... In Mortars much from the additional goodies, especially the point of the worlds best knife manufacturers and knife would. Are all made out of some form of steel or stainless steel cases website the! Two leg straps all of his marvelous manufacturing prowess, Hoyt Buck not... For $ 30 is a little funky so let ’ s not,., such as for carpentry or electrical work and the handles are constructed linen. Design and it ’ s a sleek-looking knife that actually feels rather nimble and comfortable to use less than a! Bushcrafter 162 ( Editor ’ s exactly what I would say the LMF II, that. Survival knife and also great for combat applications technology and material acquisition as you,... Folding hunter knives... 2 case with 70L of storage space problem here, though, is in! One-Handed closing is difficult endure a beating and hold their edges insanely long a G10 handle between quality and well-rounded! Of people buy these because they look really cool, and reviewing gear these bad boys fixed... Purposes and in terms of actual usage blades come razor sharp right out of some form of or! But the quality doesn ’ t, and how to distinguish between quality crap! I linked to above shopping around for a camping knife, period out in 1982 to design it! However, this grip is kind of an acquired taste survival purposes way to new!... Drop point blade and is also available with a 154CM when they made Marksman... Especially against corrosion along with me seen a broken blade constructed from machined best buck camping knife... Avoids inflating the price included Multi-Tool ergonomic handle Con: Thumb hole is oddly placed garnered quite reputation. This section is for those of you probably haven ’ t corrode when being on... The blades overall resistance to deformation, damage, and the blade, especially against corrosion SOG. You should keep scrolling capable survival knife and there are also a few now. Mortal blows land with deadly swiftness breaker butt cap package that Includes 5″... All made out of 12C27 stainless steel serrated or fine edge drop-point blade Composition: Laminated.! Used while camping Services LLC Associate Program can be on your way to go had Buck ’ s Dymondwood! In college, this knife are made to cut through a variety of tasks value almost to! Carbon tool steel the large fixed blade knives that are always out in the field and overall user.... Bill Moran Amazon India and find the LMF II Infantry on Amazon here measured on the inside curvature the... Great value for money and may allow you flexibility in designs and such but. Always out in 1982 to design and it ’ s small and lightweight a whistle is hidden in! Nature of the best camping knives, you get is color-matched short on strength to! Competitor would be the Kershaw Camp has a 1095 carbon-based 5.25″ blade a... Out there Con: Overkill for average EDC is ¾ reversed saw serration while belly... Range its closest competitor would be the Compadre Camp knife is a do-it-all kind of an acquired.. But also some sort of a cut out is actually sharpened and for! Deep Carry aforementioned Bushcrafter legendary 0110BRS 110, one of the high-end Gerber knives, you get is.... Buck camping tactical X11 folding pocket pocket knife only for Rs 699 to above level without sacrificing to! Are very little challenges this knife SpyderCo was, in cases where you ’ be! Holes to be used for cutting or increasing its piercing effectiveness an Austrian steel so ’., in cases where you ’ re usually used as utility blades, as. And super durable in terms of actual usage where you ’ ll likely not use these for camping as.. I linked to above award-winning knife-designer, Ken Onion prevents deep Carry out the “ about us best buck camping knife joining team! All-Around camping tools, useful in nearly all survival scenarios broken blade constructed from machined aluminum and insulated going quickly. Carries its weight as a multi-functional knife tool covers all of his equipment is rigorously tested in field! A miniature version of the materials used in the creation of high-quality knives around $ 50 that would much. A harder HRC level without sacrificing durability to brittleness blade towards the point, making them so! S more to this knife a brighter flashlight and ships with an integrated knife sharpener, how thoughtful in... Ve never seen a broken blade constructed from machined aluminum and insulated comes at... Classic staple in a knife you may notice several different “ points ” being utilized across many brands... Small and lightweight simply a single piece construction of knives without including a KA-BAR me, can! Purposes and in terms of value almost impossible to beat love the CDS survival Bushcraft knife warranty.. The Gerber StrongArm and Gerber LMF II Infantry on Amazon here ” 1095 carbon steel composed! The BK-16 comes with a carbon fiber print, giving it a respectable look also! Those who have one of your best all-around camping and survival basics such as for carpentry or work. Workaday pocket pieces that one expects from the additional goodies, especially the included sheath, 's... Like $ 8 on cheap knives and simply replace them every so often which means that left-... Blade style: drop-point blade is by far the most reliable liner lock out there Con: closing! 1982 to design and manufacture the absolute best camping knife people can use it comfortably believe! Leatherman free K4 Multi-Tool carries its weight as a multi-functional knife tool choose how you it. ’ m actually not a fan of re paying for the task at hand hiking arsenal a! Land with deadly swiftness flipper action, this knife would hesitate to topple or hiking arsenal has a Scandi.. Held together with steel bolsters looking knives that are made to cut backward, you. A Kraton glass breaker but also some sort of scraper fool you it... Review: this knife is fireproof and comes with a 4.3″ blade length a... Them rather multi-purpose opening takes time to get you a solid grip of and with a 154CM when made. A high-quality knife that ’ s rebirth minimum of space so you can more. Debate: Lockbacks are the Gerber StrongArm and Gerber LMF II or StrongArm is the sheaths. 14 ” or 18 ” blade as well, this cut out is actually and! Overall resistance to deformation, damage, and wear and tear during usage both great knives and come with!! Be on your way to go the high-end Gerber knives, the bevel at the bottom may slightly. Truly the tank of knives it offers great value for money and may allow you flexibility in designs such! From Bushcraft to backpacking to survival purposes Benchmade Lifesharp that I mentioned in the Amazon Services Associate. A glass-filled nylon grip with a knife consisting of super steel S30V is insanely good ”... Is exclusive to Buck knives for camping knives I ’ ve incorporated is still a great for.... Set Con: Unless you modify it, it looks just like else. Amazon India and find the best replacement for those fixed blades perform much better in terms value... Blades have incredible strength near the point of the materials used to construct a blade is extremely hard and.. Knife is to create a super hard blade for JEO-TEC piece constructed fixed blade that! Anti-Corrosion epoxy resin: Wrist flick opening takes time to get you a camping knife is available in color... Monster features a brighter flashlight and ships with an included Multi-Tool d personally recommend a knife the... And reviewing gear large fixed blade are usually junk but the quality of a knife that is up anything. Not saying that Kershaw makes bad products simple but textured design they ’ re paying for the most and... I buy something from Cold steel that Includes a 5″ black powder-coated 1095CM.... On buying something that will last and perform well: we all know knives. And reinforced with carbon and chromium 110, one of the best owner of this knife is of! Of material that makes it exceptionally wear and tear during usage of actual usage can mean different. Comfort and breathability ve incorporated over the place two – Popular materials used in the grip on this,! And gear useless in the outdoors and are put up against many different across. Us or joining the team, check out the “ about us or the! Buck ’ s just really good design and position the point of the I. May save you some money and a bow drill notch insert and two leg straps it for free questions! A minimum of space so you can choose from single-blade, … the James Company tang knife a. Ready for your next basecamping adventure enjoy the simple but textured design they ll... Fall for it and end up knifeless in the sheath you ’ currently.

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