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Penalty: [66]A fine not less than K500.00 and not exceeding K1,000.00 or imprisonment for 12 months. to another person, must not issue or allot a share in the corporation or society, in or towards satisfaction of the consideration, the instrument shall be deemed to be duly stamped as a security for the amount so certified, and no more. to that holder, be deemed to be duly cancelled although it does not appear to have been affixed or cancelled by the proper person. on each amount of cover from time to time granted under the policy stamp duty at the rate set out in Schedule 1. 48A. (2) A person who makes, executes or transfers a bill of lading that is not duly stamped is guilty of an offence. any sum already advanced or due, or without, as the case may be. may be denoted by an adhesive stamp. whose behalf the duty was paid, or to his executors, administrators or assigns. against the payment of the duty or any part of the duty. (b) lodges a return that is false in any material particular. [65](1) In this section, “officer” means a person who is or has been appointed to or employed in the Public Service, and who, by reason of that appointment or employment, bank or public officer of a company as the amount for the time being intended to be secured thereby, and upon payment of such duty, (3) Where the drawer of a bill of exchange or any other person has expressly or by implication signified that the bill may be accepted (b) a member of a prescribed stock exchange; (a) is an agent or employee of a person or firm who or that is a broker within the meaning of a corresponding law; and. (b) an instrument, or a decree or order of a court or of an officer authorized by law, by which, for valuable consideration (whether conditions of, the agreement or arrangement shall be paid–, (d) in the case of a hire-purchase agreement, by the hirer; and, (e) in the case of a credit purchase agreement, by the purchaser; and. of the property concerned and ad valorem duty shall be chargeable on–, (f) the unencumbered value of the whole of that property as at the date on which the change in beneficial ownership occurs; or. Partitions and Divisions of Real Property and Leases. was denoted and subject to this section, be refunded by the Collector of Stamp Duties to the party to the agreement by whom or on a transfer made subsequently in accordance with the lease. Act are required or permitted to be prescribed, or that are necessary or convenient to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect (b) on account of a Papua New Guinea dealer, the dealer must make a record of the sale or purchase showing–, (c) the date of the sale or the purchase; and, (d) the name of the principal (if any) for whom the sale or purchase was effected; and, (e) the name of the dealer (if any) with whom the sale or purchase was effected; and, (f) the quantity and full description of the marketable security or right concerned; and, (g) the selling price of the marketable security or right per unit and in total; and, (a) notwithstanding that an order to sell was not lodged with him, where a Papua New Guinea dealer makes a purchase, whether on his term of the lease shall be deemed to be equal to the total of the terms of the lease and the term of any renewal, extension or further (1) Where real property is transferred to a person subject certainly or contingently to the payment or transfer of money or a marketable (2) An instrument shall not be deemed to be duly stamped unless the stamp appears on the face of the instrument in such a way that (8) Notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary, the ultimate purchaser is entitled to deduct any additional duty payable under evidence on payment to the officer referred to in Subsection (2) of–, (b) the stamp duty, or so much of the stamp duty as has not been paid; and. (1)[315] [316]Where in the opinion of the Collector of Stamp Duties a person granting policies of insurance against accident or other form of risk (4) A delegation under this section is revocable at will and does not prevent the exercise of a power or the performance of a function or, (b) in any common enterprise whether in Papua New Guinea or elsewhere in relation to which the holder of the right or interest is led (c) during a life or lives–the transfer is chargeable with stamp duty on the total amount of the consideration that will or may or under some other description, and references in this section to duty include, in the case of such an instrument, references to real property and, by reason of cancellation of the contract, the real property is transferred back to the vendor by the purchaser, (d) the Collector of Stamp Duties has reason to believe or suspect that a person is liable to pay any fee, duty or other amount under (b)[253] the lease is surrendered, forfeited or otherwise determined before the expiration of the full term (including such a term as extended | approval has been withdrawn and from what date. 5A. the corporation or society to pay, in addition to any other penalty, an amount equal to the duty that would have been paid on a duly (2) An instrument, stamp duty on which is permitted or required to be denoted wholly or partly by an adhesive stamp, shall not be (2)[170] [171]The Commissioner General shall consider the objection and serve notice in writing of his decision and the reasons therefor, on the (c) which is assigned, transferred, or in any manner negotiated in Papua New Guinea. (b) the instrument is chargeable with stamp duty in respect of the consideration shown in it. Subsection (1A) shall, in addition to the unpaid duty, be charged with penalty duty of–. any other currency; [37]“option to purchase” means an interest created by an agreement by which an option is taken to purchase property; [38]“owner”, in relation to a hire-purchase agreement, means–, (a) the person letting, hiring or agreeing to sell goods under the agreement; or, (i) the owner’s property in the goods; or. (10) All moneys paid by a person by way of duty as provided by this section shall be deemed to have been so paid on behalf of the shall, for the purposes of this Act, have a deemed value of such amount as may be agreed between the parties to the transfer or assignment, 184 173 46. (5) A person holding an instrument which has been stamped in accordance with Subsection (2)–, (a) when the amount due on such instrument is paid off, or when the operation of the same ceases by effluxion of time, shall; and. (2)[110] [111]Where an instrument contains a statement of the exchange rate that differs from the applicable mid-rate of exchange and is stamped and the agreement or transfer may be stamped accordingly and marked “interim stamp only”, and, when so stamped, is admissible (b) it is proved that the stamp appearing on the instrument was affixed at the time when the instrument was first executed. after the interest was acquired, would be entitled to more than 50% of the property distributed. (3) After an agreement has been entered into under Subsection (1), and during the period for which the agreement is in force, a policy (2) An agreement by which the purchaser seeks to relieve himself from liability for the stamp duty on a transfer on sale of real property (b) notwithstanding that in fact an order to purchase was not lodged with him, where a Papua New Guinea dealer makes a sale, whether for the effective exercise of powers under this section. and on approval being given–, (c) the principal instrument is chargeable with stamp duty as a loan or contract for loan; and. real property by reason of Paragraph (a); or. shall be deemed, for the purposes of Section 20, not to have been payable. (7) A statement shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed to have been first executed on the date on which the change in beneficial

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