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(also see newsletter for sale/wanted column) New club stand - lightweight … Croad Langshans Chickens, also known as just Langshans in the US, are definitely a rare breed. BIG GORGEOUS birds, super layers of big eggs, friendly and gentle, great free rangers, heat and cold tolerant, devoted mothers. Fertile Eggs For Sale. Off heat. Condition: New. Croad Langshan Pullet No longer available Large Black Croad Langshan Pullet No longer available Large Black and White. All birds are from this years 2015 winning Breeder, taking out the prize for Best Cockerel and Best Pullet at the Langshan Show. Stock wanted - let the secretary know if you have any to spare or can provide hatching eggs. Contact Travis Full details of Poultry Breeder Clare's Croads. Langshans, are a rare, endangered breed. The Croad Langshan was imported into this country from north China by a Major Croad in 1870 and the Croad Langshan Club was formed in 1904. The shanks and outer toes are slightly feathered. Be sure to include plenty of detail, pictures if possible, and your contact information. She came from a hatchery in Ohio. In addition to good meat production, Langshans are efficient layers of large, dark brown eggs. Interestingly, the Croad hen is known for its ability to throw "purple" eggs--but we can't guarantee anything! Please email/contact for . Langshan, Blue/Black/Splash. CONTACT. Then you may be impressed by their friendly, calm disposition.Finally, once you visit the coop, you may be astonished to find a handful of what looks like fruit in the nesting basket! Yes, you can combine different breeds! Eggs you get are the slightly pink colour, and fertility has been great so far. Black Langshan Chicken for sale at californiahatchery.com, Black Langshan Chicken are a popular producer of large brown eggs and are known for their hardiness and persistence in laying - even in hot weather. Price might be higher upon pick up. The Croad Langshan is an ancient breed originating from the Langshan region in Northern China (where we believe they still exist today). White Croad Langshan - Teresa, 27 September 2014 My White Croad Langshan is laying purple eggs!! Breeding Flock 2016-A. Excellent size, type, and overall quality in these birds. These birds are very nice for showing. 2083. We keep the super huge Large Black Croad Langshan, and the very rare Blue Bantam Croad Langshan. 8 chicks minimum to ship. The most common colour is black but you will also see blue and splash occasionally. Saved by Hunter Farm. Item Information. Black Langshan. Birds are started on quality feed. Do you have birds to sell? 1 |. They are a very large and gentle chicken, inquisitive in nature. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Share Remove Report: Sale 1425849355. They are excellent foragers or can adapt to confinement as well. Welcome to Cheshire Poultry! Croad Langshan. $75.00. These hatching eggs are sired by a 100% Croad Langshan rooster. These eggs hold their unique color but the bloom often fades over the course of a couple days. These are very nice show birds, lay large brown eggs, and are gentle.-This is my rooster Fred. Contact me at. Though they don’t lay that particular color all the time, these birds are capable of producing unique, p… Mix & match for a 6 chick minimum order. The hens are excellent sitters as they are large enough to cover a dozen eggs at a time and make wonderfully attentive mothers. Young Croad Langshan hens lay about 150 eggs a year. The breed arrived to England in the early 1970’s and it was Mrs Pamela Jackson who first imported them in any great number, when she sourced hatching eggs in 1972. Create your breeder listing now! SOOOOOO mad and upset with that dog. Croad Langshan Large Fertile Eggs: chookloop: 1: 1,752: by large Oct 24, 2008 17:49:35 GMT 8: Legend. Our hens produce large light brown eggs that occasionally have a beautiful pink, lavender or plum bloom over them. Croad Langshan Cockerel No longer available Delivery: Not currently available. Apr 1, 2015 - Well my dog got my gracie. Pick up eggs from Tullamarine or Greensborough, or we can post Australia wide for $30. ~ Maximum of 8 chicks per order ~ Croad Langshans are one of the most ancient chicken breeds. I have some very special news for you all. Prices go up $2 per week to cover the cost of feed and electricity. LARGE Rare Breed. ©2019 by Spectrum Poultry. Croad langshan hatching eggs for sale The Croad Langshan: Beauty Based Upon Utility: 8.12 £ | Duck Eggs From £2. Bantam & standard Australorps and standard Langshans. The sturdy chicks are black, white and yellow with a painted face; and some white feathers may persist until they are close to maturity. They originate from Rudong, China, from an area where chickens were domesticated and bred something like 7000 or 8000 years ago. Varieties: Black, Blue, & White. We are a hobby breeder dedicated to the quality and performance of our exhibition Wyandotte's. Show quality breeding. Looking for the Cockral to breed my own. : 2.0 £ | The Langshan Fowl: Chicken Breeds Bo| #For-sale.co.uk They are docile, quiet and tolerant birds which are friendly and easily tamed and so are an excellent choice for families. All the chicks will be blue. Langshan Point of Lay. The impression is accentuated by the breed’s long legs, high tail, and regal disposition. Get the best deals for langshan eggs at eBay.com. We do not warranty hatching eggs for hatchability but know that what we send you is the same quality we put in our own incubators! I wish more people would give this breed a try…. White Langshan. They are unlike anything I have seen. The first thing you may notice about the Croad Langshan is its height. We stock the point of lays but not chicks or eggs. Cheshire Poultry. Langshans For Sale Learn More About Langshans at the American Langshan Club. They are dual-purpose birds, slightly smaller than the Brahma and the Cochin. Typical Croad Langshan eggs (the white one on top is from an Ancona, added as colour reference) Breeing Flock 2016-D. ... Chicks are black with some white on the underside. Details about 6+ Blue, Black, Splash Croad Langshan Fertile Hatching Eggs. Clare Curtis is a specialist small scale breeder of Croad Langshan poultry with limited numbers of birds and fertile eggs for sale each season. The standard hen lays large brown colored eggs much of the year. FOR SALE - Inland Empire, CA - Pure breed chicks with vaccinations $16 each. They were imported into Britain by Major F.T. They have a lovely nature. they would quickly become a very popular. Black Langshans are also from the Asiatic Class of poultry and are a pure breed that originated in China many years ago. The Langshan Club of America and The Langshan Club of Great Britain are the proud sponsors of the Croad Langshan classes for our 2015 Show. Create your breeder listing now! LARGE Rare Breed. 22. The Croad Langshan is a large bird that takes a long time to mature. Croad Langshans are easily tamed and adapt well to both confinement and free range. When mature, these birds have glossy, all- black feathers that show a gorgeous green sheen Priced between $25 - $50. These Croad Langshans have been raised to the UK Standard. Home / Feather Footed / Langshans / White Langshan. Croad Langshan from 15.00 Black Langshans are also from the Asiatic Class of poultry and are a pure breed that originated in China many years ago. The purplish hue actually comes from a coating on top of the normally deep brown egg. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Croad Langshans For Sale. The hens are excellent sitters as they are large enough to cover a dozen eggs at a time and make wonderfully attentive mothers. We ship chicks Priority Mail Express 1-2 day delivery in a new box with everything they need. 6+ Blue, Black, Splash Croad Langshan Fertile Hatching Eggs. Hens go broody and make very good mothers. Langshan Bantams For Sale. Many believe that it is for these reasons that the Croad Langshan is very rare and thus almost exclusively bred by those who wish to keep the breed alive. I hatched these 2. The Australian Langshan or Australian Modern Langshan, is a compact angular bird with upright carriage, small head, and long legs. They are heavy birds so don’t fly much but are able to get over low fences so boundaries need to be secure. More. They are a soft feathered “chook” (Aussie for chicken) with tight plumage and a medium percentage of down. croadlangshan07@gmail.com. Fertile eggs also available $50/dz Located Gormandale, willing to meet with prior arrangement. Do you have birds to sell? 6wks to 12wks old. I have at the moment a limited amount of fertile Croad Langshan eggs for sale. We do warranty chicks for 48 hours after they arrive in your care. Black Langshans are also from the Asiatic Class of poultry and are a pure breed that originated in China many years ago. I hope all you Croad breeders have lots of lovely young stock on the ground. Please post only Croad Langshan poultry or fertile eggs for sale here. Croad Langshan eggs for sale. This is not a small chicken, so they are good for producing large quantities of white meat. Cockerals and pullets available. Despite their rarity, these chickens have some incredible qualities that make them ideal for a practical homesteader. The Croad Langshan Breed The … ... Langshans lay brown eggs. Quantity: 0 available / 27 sold. Croad … They are strong, intelligent and active birds and chicks mature fast. Thread: Announcement: Sticky: Locked: new New: Poll: Bookmark: Board Information & Statistics. They are also long-lived birds. Hatching Eggs are shipped Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery. This domain may be for sale! ... Langshan Pullets Black Croad Sponsored Link. ID: Langshan. Unrelated chicks, pullets, and cockerels are available along with hatching eggs… ** IF YOU BUY ANY BIRDS FROM US YOU HEREBY AGREE TO OUR POLICY **, If you need to purchase more then 20 chicks please contact us for bulk pricing. They are both excellent layers. In the early 20th century Croad Langshans became a popular utility breed, doing well in laying trials. More information... People also love these ideas They sometimes even have plum speckles over them. Clare Curtis is a specialist small scale breeder of Croad Langshan poultry with limited numbers of birds, chicks and fertile eggs for sale each season. So I am left with only 1 croads Gidget . The hens lay 140-150 eggs a year and are good winter layers.The hens are excellent sitters and mothers. Egg colour is variable, but mostly buff with a purple bloom. The langshans come in large and bantam. Lavender Chicken Chicken Eggs Farm Chicken Chicken Lady Chicken Coops Egg Incubator Kinds Of Birds Chicken Breeds Chickens Backyard. Be sure to include plenty of detail, pictures if possible, and your contact information. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! It is going to be a big year for the Croad Langshans. Hilltop Farms , Corona, 92883, CA, United States. After the breeding season, our flock owner likes to keep a trio of these in his front yard just to look at each day. The hens are excellent sitters as they are large enough to cover a dozen eggs at a time and make wonderfully attentive mothers. My personal FAVORITE breed! CROAD LANGSHAN NEWS! Varieties: Black, Blue, & White. I have seen some lay plum colored eggs and some laying brown eggs. Prices listed are for babies age 1-6 days old. Proudly created with Wix.com. Should you have a loss, please contact us within that window. Its crest gives the breed its name and should always be medium sized and must point forward – …

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