dual car stereo troubleshooting

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If the AM reception now improves, the amplifier is the problem. I have the speakers connected but am unsure of the constant and switched 12v connections. Where is the solution ? I also even returned one radio and got another. I checked the wiring and the antenna plug-in. WINDOWS WORK IN THE DOOR ,, POWER LOCKS WORK IN THE DOOR… SPEAKER DOESN’T… At this point, I don’t know if the factory anti-theft/wiring is causing the problem OR if this issue is within the stereo. Connect that blue/white wire to the mustang amp turn on cable. today wife get in car to go to work and say the radio does not work…there is no power at all does not turn on. If you take a look at our Aftermarket Car Stereo Wiring Page under our Product & Information Blog Tab, you’ll see that there is a “switched ignition power” wire that’s red, and a “constant battery power” wire that’s yellow. Also for: Am615bt, Dc535bi. The power button doesn’t even control the stereo. Like it has no power. If that’s not the issue, and you’re sure it’s getting the signal power to turn on, then check your audio signal to make sure that everything is connected properly. “Problem: Head Unit has Power but no Sound Steering wheel control I had an aftermarket unit installed in MB GLK350. I have turned the display brightness all the way up but when I turn the car on I cannot see or read the display at all. I have a Jensen car stereo and it is a CD and auxiliary capable and it has FM and AM but the fm and the AM does not work for some reason can anybody help. Install guide said that the orange wire from factory is the constant. Trying to install an aftermarket radio in my 2003 Dodge ram 1500, checked all the wiring, and it is connected correctly, but the constant wire is getting zero power. I needed the trunk space so I decided to disconnect my sound system however when I went to start my car and leave my car wouldn’t start. There are a few solutions to this problem: If you installed a new head unit in your car, and you're now noticing that your car's radio has an abnormal amount of static, you may have wired the unit incorrectly. Problem: Head Unit Has Power But No Sound What could be the problem? If i take out the fuse coming from the battery and put it back in it starts to work again. But the radio doest work!!! After being on line and doing research I have discovered there is not a SIM card in the stereo. Cars are unforgiving environments for electronics, and vibration, heat and dust can all cause premature failure. The sub doesn’t actually turn off either, it’s volume just decreases to near nothing. I brought the correct wiring harness to fit my car so I could plug it straight in. From the forum post it is clear that YELLOW wire to be connected to “constant battery power” and RED wire to “switched ignition power”. when i turn on my sterio unit my amps arnt coming on with it. Radio hasnt worked since that happend. I don’t want this tearing up my van and I can’t have it just going out all of the time. When I first installed it would reboot, 5-10 seconds later reboot again. To answer your other questions, as long as the ground wire is attached to ground, it is fine. I’d appreciate it. and IT but its got me boggled as with all installers involved. front speakers are fine, deck is operating normally, however the fader option in my audio menu is completely gone. I’ve taken the radio out to make sure all my wires are connected correctly and they are. What’s wrong and what can I do? any solutions for this please! I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra, with an after market sound system that is Tuner/CD player/AUX capable. Make sure the amp turn on (Blue/white striped wire) is hooked up properly from the head unit to the amplifier. In My 1989 Ford ranger xlt. The only bit I don’t get is why it worked when I very 1st wired it up to test it all. Checked wiring with test light. My head unit is only 6 mo. I want it to turn on when I turn the truck on? Upgrade the Alternator. I am technically minded and have certificates in electronics I have a Opel Insignia 2011 4X4 Sport Tourer. Check for loose or unplugged wires. I’m currently installing a pair of subs, amp and line output converter in my sisters car. Please help? Speakers and amp are originally bought in 2003. What could I check to eliminate any simple problems before I send it away for repairs? The only problem I am having is when initially turn on the unit it has very little high range sound.

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