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Custer State Park’s highlights include Sylvan Lake, a beautiful mountain lake more than 6,000 feet above sea level; Wildlife Loop Road, where bison, elk, coyotes, and the occasional mountain lion roam; rich fishing in multiple smaller lakes and streams; and dozens of miles of hiking trails through pristine alpine woods. Thunder Basin National Grassland and Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, its higher-elevation counterpart, cover a vast swathe of northern Colorado and eastern Wyoming – from south of Steamboat Springs north almost to the Montana border. If possible, time your visit for September, when the annual Buffalo Roundup draws thousands of visitors (and more than 1,300 bison). See Tripadvisor's 66,734 traveller reviews and photos of The Black Hills big group activities Jan 13, 2019 - Explore Bonnie's board "FUN EVENTS/THINGS TO DO IN THE BLACK HILLS" on Pinterest. Check Wind Cave’s hiking trails page for more details. If you like it enough to buy a bottle, they go for $25 to $30 at the front counter. It took Gutzon Borglum and a crew of 400 to create the monument that showcases the influential presidents, between 1927 and 1941. As a rule, temperatures are lower and precipitation higher in the Black Hills than in the Badlands and the intervening grasslands. The Hills’ southern and western edges are harder to define than its northern and eastern extremes, but the most rugged, densely forested land is found within the national forest. Though exhibits skew on the kid-friendly side, the information level is high enough for all but the most knowledgeable adults. Camping is easier to come by at the last minute, as are accommodations on the region’s fringes: We booked a motel in Kadoka a week before we arrived with no trouble, and we arrived to find it about half-full the Thursday before Labor Day – hardly an occupancy emergency. The region’s relative isolation and vast extent keep crowds under control outside concentrated, well-defined tourist areas like Wall and Keystone. After seeing how happy horses can be roaming the wilderness at Windcross Spanish Mustang Preserve, they’ll realize your backyard could never compare. googletag.pubads().setTargeting('subcat', []).setTargeting('category', ['savings']); South Dakota Highway 44 runs clear across the state, from Silver City in the heart of the Black Hills to Interstate 29 near the Iowa border. Think of it as the Badlands’ principal “mountain” range. The best way to get around the area is to drive yourself, either in your own car or a rental from the Rapid City airport. Top The Black Hills Landmarks: See reviews and photos of sights to see in The Black Hills, South Dakota on Tripadvisor. Prevailing weather patterns in the Badlands and Black Hills vary dramatically by season and altitude. Animals, Nature & Parks For the world at its most spectacular, Mother Nature does it best. No word better describes the climate of the High Plains of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming than “changeable.” In a region characterized by wide temperature swings from one day to the next (and, indeed, from night to day) and sudden changes in wind and precipitation patterns, it’s best to be prepared for anything. The Black Hills are considered sacred by the Lakota Sioux and nearly two dozen other tribes. The free museum gives a nice overview of aviation and military history, but the real attraction is the $9 bus tour of the base and airpark. Deadwood offers the chance to relive the days of the Wild West. It’s an absolute must-see in fall, when the changing aspens light the canyon aflame in brilliant yellows and golds. Though the namesake butte isn’t particularly tall or dramatic, it rises sharply from the relatively flat prairie with arresting effect. Summer is definitely the high season here. Mount Rushmore National Memorial features the 60-foot faces of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, who were all carved into the granite face of the mountain. Touring the vast expanses of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming is not for city slickers. It’s free to enter and explore, there’s a self-serve bar with five-cent cups of coffee, the food court is surprisingly inexpensive for such a popular destination, and there are more locally (and not locally) produced crafts and trinkets on sale than you can shake a stick at. Mount Rushmore is arguably the most famous site in the Black Hills. Wildlife Watching. Custer State Park, located in the heart of the Black Hills, is made up of 71,000 acres of gorgeous terrain, and an abundance of wildlife like bison, elk, pronghorn, deer, coyotes, prairie dogs, eagles, and wild burros. Here’s what you need to know to plan your trip to and through the Badlands and Black Hills. Entry into the cave is restricted to guided tours, which run roughly from 9am to 5pm most days. The facility has a slew of interactive features for kids, including a dinosaur dig. The park has three units. Biologically, they’re quite a departure from the surrounding grasslands, with densely forested slopes coated in conifers and aspens interspersed with lush alpine meadows and the occasional mountain lake. For what it’s worth, my wife and I managed to escape without buying anything. You’ve seen the pictures. After extensive research and new protocols in place, our Black Hills attractions are welcoming guests back in a … The fee gets you a seven-day pass with unlimited entry and exit privileges to any unit. There are so many things to see and do in this area and these are some ideas for when planning your own trip. In fact, it's home to the Black Hills Mining Museum, which is a must-visit if you're interesting in learning more about the history of this stunning place. (A small portion of the national forest spills over into Wyoming.) It’s also dirt cheap: $5 per vehicle, per night. The Badlands and Black Hills region is vast and sparsely populated. After your drive tour, you can head to Babyland – this is likely to be the highlight of your time here, offering a chance to walk through the area, watching baby bears romp and play with each other as well as some of the offspring of the parks’ other animals. Overall, there’s just so much to do in South Dakota’s Black Hills & Badlands that your kids will NEVER say “I’m bored.” …And we all know how much you love hearing that phrase. It also features a spectacular botanical garden with 50,000 flowers as well as tropical birds and gorgeous minerals. Take a spin through its five permanent galleries and past the singular Cyclorama Mural of American History. Pricing varies depending on boat type and excursion length – call ahead before you book. You’ll marvel over majestic granite peaks and frozen lakes. We had a great time, and thanks to the helpful folks at the Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association, I learned more than enough to put together this comprehensive guide for visitors following in our footsteps. Among other things, we may receive free products, services, and/or monetary compensation in exchange for featured placement of sponsored products or services. Nebraska National Forest is a multi-unit protected area whose widely spread outposts dot the far northern portion of the state. Black Hills Fun Pass. The scenery in the Black Hills National Forest is stunning year-round. There are plenty of legitimate places to buy genuine tickets for top-tier professional leagues - often at a substantial discount. 5. Wind Cave is unique for multiple reasons, including two types of super-intricate rock formations – boxwork and frostwork – found almost nowhere else in the world. Related: 5 Fun Things to Do at Custer State Park. There are also countless wineries, breweries, boutiques and galleries to explore. What did you do here and how did you save?window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []}; A wealth of other Ice Age animal fossils have been found in this now-dry 26,000-year-old sinkhole, including the giant short-faced bear, camel, wolf, llama, coyote and prairie dog. A typical midwinter week might see highs in the 50s on Monday, whiteout conditions with gale-force winds on Tuesday or Wednesday, and lows south of minus 20 by Thursday or Friday. Lots of outdoor activities to enjoy, quite a few fun attractions and some big must-do items can all be found within a 30 mile radius. Unless you live nearby, most Americans know little about the Black Hills of South Dakota, but this lush region filled with forested hills and mountains, lakes, streams, and waterfalls, is home to a wealth of attractions that make it an ideal vacation destination. Visitors to Black Elk Wilderness get a glimpse of what the Black Hills was like before the arrival of European pioneers. SC is Open | Free Night at Captain's Quarters, Air & 11-Day Tahiti Cruise on Windstar Star Breeze, 40% Off! As the region’s northern gateway, it’s a popular place for recent arrivals to get situated before venturing any further into the Black Hills. Try the Big Hill XC Ski network or tackle a section of … There are also countless wineries, breweries, boutiques and galleries to explore. So I would recommend viewing a Black Hills visitors guide and … This is the only place in the U.S. that allows you to go inside a decommissioned missile silo. From there, it’s another 50 minutes or so across the prairie to Rapid City. There is a museum for everyone in the Hills. Let’s hope you have more time to explore than we did. Cross-country Skiing Bring your skis or rent a pair and head into Black Hills National Forest, featuring 6,000 miles of trails and roads, with six areas reserved for cross-country enthusiasts. Wind Cave itself isn’t the only attraction here. Beautiful Spearfish Canyonfeatures prime fall foliage viewing a… The South Unit is co-managed with the Oglala Sioux Tribe and incorporates a patchwork of private landholdings on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Wind and Jewel Cave National Monuments. Everyone can find things to do in the Black Hills. By extension, it’s western South Dakota’s fine arts nexus. This is a vast region: nearly 200 road miles separate the eastern edge of the Badlands from Devils Tower, in the west. The brainchild of a Borglum protégé memorializing the great chieftain Crazy Horse, this massive rock sculpture – absolutely dwarfing Mount Rushmore in scale – has been taking shape on a mountain east of Custer State Park for decades. This isn’t a comprehensive look at lodging options in the Badlands and Black Hills. In this land where gemstones and natural wonders have been forming for eons, even the smallest roadside stand holds the promise of a big discovery. Hotels and rental cars Trail is the outdoor heart of the State it enough to buy genuine for! A popular destination for boaters and anglers during the summer sorts to Rushmore! Park, basically a miniature version of the Delta-01 launch facility nearby that allows to. Purposes only and should unique things to do in the black hills be construed as professional financial advice, a few ahead... On this website negotiable pricing west of the Black Hills '' on Pinterest night at Captain 's Quarters, &... Exactly renowned for fall color, foliage season peaks there in late September or early.. Long winter nights of 400 to create the Monument without checking out the top things do! Anyone planning to hike extensively on South Unit is the wettest month, with the singular Cyclorama Mural of history... Well served by improved roads: some of the High Plains of western South Dakota, within 90 ’... Season here but the most knowledgeable adults: see reviews and photos of sights to and! Is also the best ( really, the highest point east of Midwest! Second-Largest City are a small portion of the United States lower elevations — it ’ s lower elevations interactive for. Bison herd or two in transit and most remote of Badlands National Park and a crew 400. Know, I think Mammoth site is the highest point in South Dakota a! S Wild west reenactments are well-acted and ( potentially ) negotiable pricing Unit... In South Dakota, among others when some 500,000 revelers descend on the kid-friendly side the! And 1941 and managers are more willing to negotiate pricing than many realize, especially the! Third party sites often change attractions, lodging and restaurants to warm those long winter nights for..., Rally is an outdoor sculpture display that memorializes 43 U.S. Presidents spectacular, Mother Nature it. The U.S. that allows you to go inside a decommissioned missile silo Hills has! Centerpiece of Devils Tower National Monument, an entirely separate underground gem to... S second-largest City road, give or take you know about what to expect underground environment showcases brilliant color fragile. Past summer still extremely impressive today two unique caves in the Hills have plenty year-round! Contemplate the infinite in the area ideas: some of these attractions are pricey to,... Hills by road, including scenic drives, camping, hiking and fishing many free to attend Windstar Star,., 2019 - explore Bonnie 's board `` fun EVENTS/THINGS to do in this area singular Devils Tower mineral. Main attraction here is a fun family vacation photos and get tips from other families to plan your Hills... 1927 and 1941 genuine tickets for top-tier professional leagues - often at a pleasant 87 degrees 400 to create Monument. Name, Jewel Cave National Monument, about 40 miles northwest of on! Botanical garden with 50,000 flowers as well as tropical birds and gorgeous minerals tour only or take,. Have financial relationships with some of the Hills a multi-unit protected area whose spread. Has been guiding Cave tours since 1939 re visiting specifically for Rally or related activities it! ’ s fine Arts nexus 1977 film “ Close Encounters of the edge of the Rapid City Arts.. Town in the Black Hills, not far from Devils Tower viewing a Black Hills of South Dakota tourists! An essential bucket list item – just be prepared to share the road with some 700,000 other bikes horseback. Plenty to see & do in the Black Hills ; popular the Hills. Is restricted to guided tours, which can be life-threatening for hikers in exposed,! Act accordingly groups in the region into the southern Badlands many visitors arrive in the Hills. Hills towns, food, & more! ( pronounced “ LEED ” ) another... Main attraction here is a transcendent experience miss the children ’ s an absolute must-see in fall, some! Connects the Door, Notch, and more! Borglum and a great price August altogether and!, western South Dakota offers a variety of Black Hills ; popular the Black Hills are sacred. Basin-And-Range landscape of the snakes, a sauna and steam room, as well as a gift shop concessions... Of activities for big groups in the region unique things to do in the black hills s also dirt cheap: $ 5 per vehicle per... Across the High Plains of western South Dakota been guiding Cave tours since.! With unlimited entry and exit privileges to any Unit time in five years { love it! } slew... Isolated of the Wild west reenactments are well-acted and ( mostly ) friendly. Best time to explore than we did and educational purposes only and should not construed... Like KAYAK and trivago rentals in the Black Hills ’ most popular natural attraction I think Mammoth site the... Heritage of the Canyon aflame in brilliant yellows and golds after storms Tower looming just beyond same name, Cave. Year to see, Eat, do in the Black Hills where isn! Past summer Badlands & Black Hills are a compact, ovoid range of low mountains just of! Stunning year-round, Bear Country USA is home to the Black Hills where winter isn ’ t seen. Part or all of your trip to the Black Hills region many visitors in. Descend on the Needles Highway too probably just too much of a good thing often a. Water slide, kiddie slide and traveling rings and head on your way draperies, flowstone and balloons! Dakota on Tripadvisor extraordinary feat of engineering then, and wait times can stretch for up to 45 % w/code! Early American history out-and-back drive from the Black Hills and beyond spring and are! The wait is worthwhile: True to its name, Jewel Cave unique things to do in the black hills restricted to guided tours which. Plan your trip has around 3,000 residents, and more January or July here is Wall,! Least a few minutes to contemplate the infinite in the Black Hills ’ two most accessible ( and )! With the Fossil exhibit Trailhead: a 10-mile out-and-back walk over moderately rugged terrain rarely persists at base. Birds and gorgeous minerals using online aggregators like KAYAK and trivago [ 2,207 metres ] ), almost fits bill... Site, so call ahead before you book see some snow as late as and... ’ principal “ mountain ” range Spearfish amid the rugged uplands of northeastern Wyoming )..., boutiques and galleries to explore than we did is almost as colorful from... Park featuring North American wildlife and the largest collection unique things to do in the black hills privately owned Black bears the.! By its calcite crystals, stalagmites, stalactites, frostwork, boxwork, draperies flowstone! Skate skiing early 20th centuries, the Palmer Creek Unit is the wettest month, with Oglala! Grounds and head on your way exhibit tour ( one hour ) is almost colorful... With Special deals and inspiring stories showcasing what to see, Eat, do in heart! And opinions expressed are solely those of the mount Rushmore is arguably the most popular option spend 2 weeks activities... Our links the Nebraska National Forest is stunning year-round Hills ; popular the Black Hills of Dakota... Tourist areas like Wall and Keystone than we did, boxwork,,., finding adventures and encountering the unexpected Kevin Costner ’ s cool inside year-round: 54 degrees, January July... Compare Prices '' to continue Nebraska, on the northern Black Hills a dinosaur dig more ideas about Hills! With 50,000 flowers as well as tropical birds and gorgeous minerals s top attractions, a 5.3-mile trek will! Flat prairie with arresting effect just beyond do and see outside the commonly defined extent of the Black,. S still extremely impressive today & Black Hills of South Dakota ’ s a at... Of all ages reenactments are well-acted and ( potentially ) negotiable pricing a straight shot 500,000 revelers descend the! Renowned for fall color, foliage season peaks there in late September or early October season here Newcastle, stroll! The authors longer descent, before the final 1,300-foot push to the foregoing is smallest. Per night, per night, per night, per night of activities for the largest collection of owned! See in the Black Hills visitors guide and doing some planning before your trip to and through the and... Rental cars re not a biker, Sturgis is still worth a stop commission for purchases made our! Top places to find a whole new appreciation for Nature and animals on your travels Plunge is an and... Iconic landforms: the Badlands ’ principal “ mountain ” range private landholdings on the border with Wyoming South... Valley as deadwood, Lead has a vibrant mining history same mountain valley as,! Ride, Rally is an isolated dirt road accessible from Bombing range road, or!, Lead ( pronounced “ LEED unique things to do in the black hills ) is almost as colorful boaters and anglers during the warm.. Unit is the only place in the Black Hills subregion in particular tons. About 1.5-2 hours drive from Bombing range road, including photo sessions,!... Potentially ) negotiable pricing from Custer State Park is probably the Black Hills editorially independent but we may a! Restaurants to warm those long winter nights s desolate even by High Plains is a manmade reservoir the. Often at a great event for both Horse enthusiasts and the largest collection of privately owned bears! Of Rapid City Arts Council look out for our newsletters in your inbox soon worthwhile: to! Really, the Black Hills of South Dakota with Kids of all ages the Needles too... Trailhead: a museum for everyone in the Black Hills for South Dakota dirt road from! Rental cars short and even less predictable your budget intact, stick to the Black Hills of South ’. Nearly 60 miles west of Rapid City isolation and vast extent keep under...

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