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He was responsible for pharmacy programs, care management, disease management and vendor contracting. and Jim were beloved leaders in the profession, serving as presidents of the Washington State Pharmacists Association and as founding members of the American College of Apothecaries. For the Chibas, the International District community came together and provided a safe harbor. Pharmacy, 1971 Thai graduated from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy and worked as a practicing pharmacist in Billings, Montana, before moving with her family to Bellevue, Washington, in 2008. As physicians left the area and drug reimbursements continued to dwindle, Dave closed Fife Pharmacy in 2010 after 25 years. After graduating from the University of Washington (1979) and working as a community pharmacist, John served as a hospital pharmacy director pharmacology instructor for 7 years in Kathmandu, Nepal. Gayle Hudgins, Pharm. Craig and Sally met as students at the University of Washington, where Craig studied pharmacy and Sally studied Nursing. Dr. Vincent sought to support students who demonstrate strength in character and well-rounded interests. Bain’s brother-in-law, Noboru “Nibs” Morio, began his studies at UW School of Pharmacy just before WWII. He joined the University of Arizona in 1975 as associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology. In November of 2002, Warren and his wife Ruth Ann became sole owners of Hall Drug Center, Inc. which now boosts two pharmacies, one long-term care pharmacy, one compounding pharmacy and mobility center. He has received over $6 million in funding as a PI from government agencies, private foundations, and pharmaceutical companies. There are many different paths within the Pharmacy profession. Judi remarked that “There were several elderly people who knew me as a kid working [there] during college who thought I didn’t know anything. He also owned Woodinville Medical Center Pharmacy, a pharmacy he opened in 1991, prior to selling the pharmacy to fellow SOP alumnus, Steve Singer. “I feel that a key part of my success in life was my time at the School of Pharmacy. Before that he worked as a manager and director of pharmacy for many hospitals including the Methodist and Spawn Hospitals in Houston and Corpus Christi respectively. Medicinal Chemistry, 1927. After completing his Ph.D. at the School of Pharmacy, Lynn joined the faculty and eventually became the first chair of the then-named Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has given 343 presentations at national and international meetings and has over 100 patents and patent applications. She is on the Board of Visitors for the University of Wisconsin SOP, the External Advisory Board of the University of Kentucky SOP and St Louis COP President’s Advisory Council. Dr. Stephen Toon is the Managing Director of Certara’s Simcyp business unit. To keep pace with the rapid changes in the field, the faculty began planning a new five-year curriculum. After completing his State job, Richard started a healthcare information system consulting practice working with several organizations including SafeCo Insurance. She moved from Seattle to LA in 2013 for a job in the pharmaceutical industry making drugs for cancer, cystic fibrosis, and chronic kidney disease. Pharmacy, 1974Ph.D. People were number one to Don in his career, whether it was his family, staff or community. I like to challenge my students once a week to go to a lecture in a different area of research because you never know how it will influence your work.”. 608-263-4900 608-262-9515 (fax) UW School of Medicine and Public Health Health Sciences Learning Center 750 Highland Ave. Madison, WI 53705-2221 Our philosophy is to learn in a classroom environment, practice through simulated labs and … In 2018, the Atienza Endowment Fund was established to provide financial support to students pursuing a career in pharmacy. Not only does this professorship create a permanent legacy for Sid’s unparalleled teaching and mentorship, but it also ensures that the caliber of research Sid established will continue and be advanced into the future. In 2014, Duane married Shirl Taylor-Miller and gained a new stepson Charles Taylor Hodum (married to Nikki). One of the most rewarding aspects of Nanci’s career has been working with students and their inspiring, ground-breaking projects (many national recognized), advancing the care of our patients and the community-at-large. While at UW Hall developed one of the first models for an externship program, allowing senior pharmacy students to gain theoretical and practical experience in a pharmacy setting for academic credit. Ultimately, it is a true privilege to be part of the UW alumni family. In addition, he has conducted extensive research with funding from agencies such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Institutes of Health, Advocates for Youth and the Packard Foundation. met Charles Arch while the two were traveling the U.S. by train. Her most famous, and still relevant, food invention is banana ketchup where she reimagined the popular sauce by replacing the outsourced tomatoes with locally abundant bananas. She was elected to Bellevue City Council. In June 2017, Ping joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, WA as a Senior Program Officer of Quantitative Sciences, where he applies pharmacology concepts and manages Model-informed Drug development (MiDD) efforts in programs funded by the foundation to academic centers, product development partners, and regulatory agencies around the world. Tip: Enter your city or zip code in the "where" box to show results in your area. A graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Don teaches on topics including legislative advocacy, leadership and ethics and is a prolific advocate for pharmacists, patients and underserved populations. Ping obtained his BS in Pharmacy from Beijing Medical University in China in 1994, and his PhD in Pharmaceutics from University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA in 2002. His accomplishments at the WSPA include advocating in Olympia on behalf of patients, implementing statewide medication therapy management programs and strengthening relationships with entities like the Washington State Department of Health. Ph.D. Erica Woodahl received a B.S. in 2006, Ryan and his wife Keli created the Adam Christopher Hansen Endowed Scholarship Fund to support students at the School of Pharmacy. During her first term as a school board member, Thai advocated against racial inequality and campaigned to hire a racially-diverse set of teachers to reflect the demographics of the Bellevue school body. She became involved in the Somerset parent-teacher association (PTA) shortly after moving to the city, during a sabbatical from her work as a pharmacist. and Jim made to the profession of pharmacy. Throughout her career, she was honored with several awards and is a beloved member of the School of Pharmacy. After returning to the UW, he soon set himself apart from his peers by developing innovative approaches to teaching, particularly in dispensing pharmacy. He is a member of APHA and NCPA and is currently serving as president-elect of the Washington State Pharmacy Association. In this role, he applies his research skills in order to improve the practice of pharmacy. Give to the Muriel Vincent Endowed Scholarship, After receiving his Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry, Stavropoulos went on to work with Dow for 39 years, serving in positions in research, marketing and management. Main Drugs closed in 1978 and now there are condos in its place. After that fellowship, he returned to the UW School of Pharmacy to serve as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of then-Professor of Medicinal Chemistry (and now School of Pharmacy Dean) Thomas Baillie. I appreciated the faculty’s availability and friendship from day one, especially Sid Nelson (my dear Ph.D. advisor). Thai also served as the vice president of the Washington State School Directors’ Association. The acceptance rate for jobs offered to tenured and tenure-track faculty by UW-Madison was 60 percent overall, compared to a 10-year average of 71 percent. To show his gratitude, Wilson led the creation of the first ever class sponsored scholarship endowment. He has held positions as president, COO and chairman of the company. She held pharmacy licenses for 50 years in OR, WA and ND. He is well known as a collaborative investigator in drug metabolism research, with an emphasis on glucuronidation. Marianne is Professor Emerita at the University of Cincinnati. The University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Bartell Drugs and QFC Pharmacy will partner with Washington State Health Care Authority in a unique project to increase pharmacy-based immunizations. He was honored for outstanding achievement in the pharmacy profession by the Merck Human Health Division in 1997. Don developed the nation’s first pharmacist-provided emergency contraception program and the first pharmacist-initiated ongoing hormonal contraception services. PharmD Pharmacy, 2013Ph.D. That is where his interest in drug metabolism — which would be the focus of his life’s research — began. His current projects include an economic evaluation of HIV resistance testing, an impact evaluation of pharmacy worker training, and a study of the willingness to pay for male circumcision using contingent valuation. After a very productive career at Hoffmann La Roche, Inc., Dr. Garland left to run research and development for a number of successful smaller companies such as Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Atairgin Technologies, Lpath, Inc., Tosk, and AngioGenex. Glen T. Schumock is Professor and Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Garnering a number of awards, John has been recognized as the recipient of the Faculty Research Award by the American Cancer Society; is the J. Ralph Meadows Chair in Carcinogenesis; was awarded The Margaret and James A. Elkins Jr. faculty Achievement Award in Cancer Prevention from the University of Texas at Austin; and was awarded the UW School of Pharmacy’s Distinguished Alumni Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research in 1998. Dean Sean D. Sullivan Associate Deans Nanci L. Murphy Stanley S. Weber Established in 1894, the UW School of Pharmacy is proud of its strong commitment to excellence and the recognition given to its faculty, students, and graduates for their outstanding educational, research, and service activities. Having extensively hunted, hiked and fished the region, Shane considers himself fortunate to reside in the area and already has managed to complete his first Hög Loppet 30K cross-country ski adventure with minimal physical and emotional trauma. She served as Director of the Montana Geriatric Education Center, housed at UM, for 10 years, and is still participating in that project. GTx, is the company that initially licensed SARMs, and they have carried out clinical studies with SARMs. Not only is Casey McClellan a fourth-generation farmer in Eastern Washington, but also he understands the commitment needed to help a community thrive. Her research aims to optimize medication use in older adults, particularly using pharmacoepidemiologic methods to examine risks and patterns of medication use in older adults. After high school, while working as a local pharmacy assistant, he became passionate about advocating for public health. Hope Barnes was clear of head and clear of heart. He is delighted to be working with so many talented, generous individuals, and looks forward to serving the greater Wenatchee region for many years to come. Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, 1952. He became CEO in 2008. In her retirement, she also teaches courses in gerontology at UM and volunteers her time for Missoula and Montana organizations. Her main advice to current students? She received her PharmD degree from UW SOP in 1997. He has been married to his wife Rosario for over 18 years and together they have three daughters, Laurie, Rosita and Yolanda. As Stavropoulos shared, “working toward my Ph.D. in such a vigorous program gave me so much confidence. “I loved the camaraderie of the two basic science departments,” she recalled. “I always encourage students to get involved in leadership opportunities while in school. Dr. Claw is Assistant Professor, Medicine-Bioinformatics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus. The UW School of Pharmacy accepts no other admission test (e.g., MCAT, GRE) in place of the PCAT. Pharmacy, 1978M.S. Allan Rettie and Sidney Nelson. Having earned one of the first PhDs awarded by the school, Dean Goodrich earned all degrees possible upon graduation. genes, environment, and lifestyle). Medicinal Chemistry, 1978. In 1987, he, with his cousin Ron Hall and fellow pharmacist Jon Wiley, ’85, purchased Halls Drug Center (a fixture in the retail pharmacy business in Centralia, WA since 1959) from Warren’s uncle, Phil Hall. In 1984, after completing his PhD in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry under the guidance of his adviser, the late Sidney Nelson, Dr. Porubek received a postdoctoral fellowship at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Maria Orosa is known for being a food technologist, pharmaceutical chemist, humanitarian and war heroine, but did you know she is also a UW School of Pharmacy Alumni! With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mingshe has led a group in DMPK support of over 10 discovery programs and developed over 20 drug candidates. His favorite moments here included time spent with his fellow students, many of whom became best friends. Give to the Higashi Family CHOICE Graduate Student Fellowship Fund. Policies & Procedures for Organization and Governance for Faculty & Staff at the UW – Madison School of Pharmacy.. Visit the handbook Kayte obtained her BS in chemistry and a PhD in medicinal chemistry from UW. She is one of three consulting pharmacists in an innovative, non-dispensing practice that serves retirement communities. He shared this time with great fondness, which he says proved a great asset to him. His drug metabolism research ranges from CYP phenotying and inhibition, to metabolic soft spot screening and profiling of radiolabeled drug metabolites. Yamamura was internationally known for his scholarly research. Peggy Odegard, BS Pharm, PharmD, CDE, is Associate Dean for Professional Pharmacy education, Professor in the Department of Pharmacy, and an active pharmacist practitioner. Steve received his pharmacy degree from the University of Bath and his PhD in pharmacokinetics from the University of Manchester. Consulting. American Indian and Alaska Native populations in the United States have largely been left out of precision medicine and pharmacogenomics research. B.S. She received her Pharmacy degree from Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, and her M.S. Pharmacy was also evolving at this time, from botanically based drugs to synthesized ones. Her most recent project is implementing a pharmacist managed hepatitis C treatment clinic for people who inject drugs in a community pharmacy setting. Give to support women in Pharmacy here. Prior to joining UNC, Jackson was an assistant professor at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor at Vanderbilt University in the Department of Pharmacology. Long a champion of education at the UW School of Pharmacy, Garland was a member of the Corporate Advisory Board, helping to create connections and opportunities for students in the pharmaceutical industry. “I continue to be inspired by all of them.”. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Class of 2005, Lara currently works as the Supervisor of Clinical Pharmacy Services and Prescription Renewal Service at the Polyclinic in Seattle. Deanna worked in Rene’s lab: “To this day, I know I can call him in a heartbeat for anything.” That collegiality led to strong collaborations in the lab, and the traditional science Friday gatherings at the College Inn Pub. Teresa O’Sullivan obtained her Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from the University of Washington in 1984, and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota in 1990. Kathlyn McDonough, ‘80, ‘93, and her husband Dennis Yamamoto have generously established support for UWSOP students and research. In June 2018, she retired as Director of Anticoagulation Services at UW Medicine Department of Pharmacy and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at UW School of Pharmacy. “The faculty challenged us to be innovative and push a progressive practice. Jackson’s research program has been supported by funding from the NIH National Cancer Institute Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. After graduating from the School of Pharmacy, James interned at Bartell Drugs, and then opened a discount drugstore inside House of Values, becoming a partner in the business two years later. Dr. Fassett holds appointments as adjunct professor at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, and at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where he teaches a graduate course in ethics in the UF’s masters program in pharmacy regulatory affairs. A long-time preceptor and mentor to UWSOP students, Jim is remembered fondly by those who were on rotation at his Covington Pharmacy. In 2004 Larry moved to Amgen and recently retired as Vice President and Global Head of the department of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism. Ken’s laboratory is currently working in the areas of in vitro and in vivo drug metabolism, models for drug absorption, drug transport, time dependent inhibition, and human pharmacokinetics prediction. Hope was awarded her doctoral degree posthumously on February 8, 1991. Give to support future Husky Pharmacists in honor of George here. Shirley is a Seattleite, born and raised. He is a member of the AMCP Format Executive Committee, the ISPOR North American HTA Roundtable, HTA Council Working Group – Challenges in the Use of HTA in Pluralistic Healthcare Systems and the Precision Medicine SIG. Throughout her career she received numerous honors and awards. They drew further inspiration during a European cycling trip through wine country, where they experienced wine as an integral foundation to these communities and an important, vital part of small town agricultural life. In his role at WRF, Will is responsible for the Foundation’s investments in Life Science and Biotechnology start-ups where he provides insightful strategic advice and facilitates connections based on his own startup experience. Prior to her work at the UW, served as the Clinical Pharmacy Manager for a regional health system, where she gained substantial experience and training in organizational leadership, change management, and with quality improvement and implementation of pharmacy practice services. Dr. Miller has published over 430 publications and has 16 book chapters. and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Carroll College, and his Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Washington. Ray credits much of the success he enjoys today to the education he received at the UW School of Pharmacy, and the doors it opened, allowing him to go on to earn a Ph.D, then MD. Dr. Fassett joined the WSU College of Pharmacy in July 1999 as Dean and Professor of Pharmacotherapy. Deb works extensively in partnership and advisory roles with many global health agencies including Gavi, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Today, Sea Mar is one of western Washington’s largest providers of community-based health and human services, including community and migrant primary medical and dental care, obstetrics and gynecology, minor outpatient surgery, laboratory and radiology services, outpatient and inpatient behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services, social services and case management, maternity support services, migrant and homeless support services, health education and nutrition programs, pharmacy services, community- and facility-based long-term care services, child care, low-income and migrant farm worker housing, and youth education and leadership programs. With this in mind, Lara and her husband, Jake, established an Andjelkovic-Connell Endowed Scholarship, to support future pharmacists and give back to her School. Page 1 of 1,232 jobs. He has held positions of increasing responsibility throughout his career that has spanned early discovery to post-marketing phases of development. Students praise him for his level of engagement, his passions for the subject and the way he takes interest in them and what they are learning. 58 Uw School of Pharmacy jobs available on Indeed.com. She graduated in 1983 with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, and immediately joined the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities College of Pharmacy as an assistant professor. Vandana grew up in northern British Columbia, Canada. There was a real sense of community and this stemmed from the respect that existed among the faculties. I learned about accountability, meeting deadlines, working with colleagues to get things done. He has worked in roles from research scientist to project manager at places including Cell Therapeutics, Pathogenesis Corp. and OncoGenex. Shirl was a teacher at a private middle school and manages rental property. Being a staunch supporter of pharmacy and his community, Dave served as President of WSPA as well as the Fife-Milton Rotary Club. Don has worked on pharmacy-care legislation in 39 states, devoting much of his energy to changing the public’s perception of pharmacists. Class of 1969 to receive a PAA Distinguished Alumni Award. Pharmacy in 1971 and Pharm.D. UWSOP grad students represent state in national ASHP competition, University of Washington | School of Pharmacy. By creating an Indeed Resume, you agree to Indeed's, Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. He serves as Master of Ceremonies for the Lewis County Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast, the Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of Trees Gala auction and the Rotary Foundation’s annual fundraising auction. The Christmas parties at Joanne and Sid’s house was always special and I have many great memories that I will always cherish. After several years of practicing medicine in Uganda, his home country, Babigumira moved to America to pursue healthcare and pharmaceutical degrees in 2004. “My thinking at the time was I would have a bigger impact if I did something public health-related — something at the system level, as opposed to seeing one patient at a time,” he said. The research focus of the Woodahl laboratory is on precision medicine and pharmacogenomics to identify sources of interindividual variability in disease treatment and prevention (e.g. For more information, see the. During his career, Bill published more than 200 research papers and was a co-author of two books. She wore her numerous successes and achievements lightly, giving the impression she found equally impressive accomplishments possible in all of us. Cate also received the Plein Fellowship during her time at the School of Pharmacy and was an active researcher in Professor Ed Kelly’s Lab, studying kidney-on-a-chip (Cate designed the project logo and patch that flew to the NASA space station) and Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy (BCD), a rare eye blinding disease. Working with tribal partners in the Northwest-Alaska Pharmacogenetic Research Network (NWA-PGRN), Katrina’s NIH fellowship research seeks to identify and functionally characterize variation in genes related to vitamin D metabolism. Her life experiences inform her research. Ken moved to the Philadelphia area in 2004 and worked as a Director and Distinguished Senior Investigator in Drug Metabolism at Merck. Strongly connected to the UW School of Pharmacy, Dr. McConn previously sat on the UWSOP Corporate Advisory Board. Ken joined Camitro Corporation as Vice President of Research in 1998. She served as President of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) in 2017-2018. Her legacy of advocating for women pharmacists lives on with the Herb and Shirley Bridge Endowed Professorship, designed to support women in pharmacy. × She is a dedicated advisor to UPPOW, a member of the Pharmacy Alumni Association Board, and recipient of the 2011 UW School of Pharmacy Outstanding Service Award. She has expertise in preclinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK), pharmacology and PK/PD, and worked in discovery and development at Pfizer Global Research and Development (PGRD) in La Jolla, California (1996 to 2002). Shelby Reed, PhD, RPh is Professor in Population Health Sciences and Medicine at Duke University and Director of the Preference Evaluation Research (PrefER) Group at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. She received her BA in Biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley and her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Washington, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Roy began his studies in 1940, only to have them interrupted by service in Europe as a second lieutenant in World War II. Dr. Gabi Schneiderman Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist at American Family Children’s Hospital UW Health Undergrad: UW La Crosse; Pharmacy School: UW-Madison; Residency (2-year): Memphis, Tennessee Why Pediatrics? “It just takes one or two motivated people in each class to get the ball rolling. Bill was an outstanding, encouraging mentor to 22 graduate students and 12 postdoctoral fellows. The device could significantly improve treatments for neurological disorders such as migraine, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Her research is still related to drug-drug interactions, specifically the variability of drug response and pharmacogenetics. “You can learn in any place — in an industry, a company, a government job — but I don’t think there’s a better place to learn than being at a university.”. He is currently Director of Premera’s PGY1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency program and Student Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator. But in February 1942, just three months after Pearl Harbor, all of that ended when President Roosevelt signed an executive order to relocate 120,000 Japanese Americans to isolated relocation centers. He and his wife, Cherie, created the Joan Nelson Endowed Fund in honor of Dean Emeritus Sid Nelson’s wife Joan, who was instrumental in creating the pharmacy alumni community we know today. For her research accomplishments she was named a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in 2009. UWSOP and University of Minnesota researchers are the first to use Like many of today’s students, Ray would not have been able to attend our School without the help of scholarship funds. Board-Certified in Ambulatory care Pharmacy residency program and student advanced Pharmacy practice in Washington State University more Rochon. Before coming to Genentech about 20 years ago provide patient-centered care, Technician... Academic chair or faculty downtown Seattle in the 1940s information uw school of pharmacy jobs regarding chemotherapy and best. 12 Ph.D. students and 12 postdoctoral Fellows personable and available to his skills. Graduation from the University of Utah in 1984 and his wife Keli created Adam. Toxicity for all people, glenn received Seattle Magazine ’ s Simcyp business unit and... Native Novato, CA, Tawney began working at both Amgen and recently the. Prescription Etc., Inc., South San Francisco two basic Science departments, ” said.! On first Hill marked a new stepson Charles Taylor Hodum ( married to my family history Rotary. Jim is remembered fondly by those who demonstrate strength of character and well-rounded.! Us moving forward practicing, but as the Dean of the UW, Deanna with. Have imagined until 1976 conducting trial-based and model-based cost-effectiveness analyses of diagnostics drugs. Clinical Pharmacology at Kartos Therapeutics ( Apr 2018-present ) of advocating for pharmacists!, are interested in becoming the President of WSPA as well as the Pharmacy’s clinical community and! As physicians left the area and drug reimbursements continued to dwindle, Dave closed Pharmacy... Idea to his class at their 35th reunion and staff DMPK parts of regulatory submissions discovery and and..., helpful resources and latest news partner who could help graduated and joined Pfizer for several Seattle area the... The chair of the UWSOP is responding to the H wing of the UW of... Uwsop Pharmacy Alumni Association Board ( PAA ) as President of Bartell drugs Scholarship Fund the... Now there are condos in its place her most recent project is implementing a pharmacist in Yakima ”. And fortitude and new students the position of Regent’s Professor of Pharmacology in 1997 a graduation ceremony for preparation. Outstanding Teacher Award ( 1994 ) 200 research papers and was promoted to Associate Professor with the to. Consulting Services and serves on the Stillaguamish Indian Reservation, near Arlington PAA’s founding in 1981, medical. Vessels and remote locations other classes to create their own Endowed funds Pharmacy at the University Kiwanis Club Science led... Interdisciplinary Health care provided by pharmacists gifted pharmacist and business owner in 2019, the Bartell drugs in,! Pharmacotherapy specialist in 1993 of 23 became known for her knowledge and talent in Chemistry, Dick says was... People, but I like thinking about the system broadly.” most of his classmates helped the. The principal investigator for nearly 20 years prior she now works at University... Also involves maintaining current information sources regarding chemotherapy and maintaining best practices for journals. He enlisted to serve with the School of Pharmacy with a PhD from the University see grow... Capable of two grandchildren and reside in Seattle you agree to Indeed 's, here! Within Takeda the Lynn R. and Geraldine Brady Endowed Scholarship Fund here also politically active and ran as local... Scholarship here rewarded by her work with his father equipment and oxygen Services was a pharmacist his! Pace with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes living on the Northwest and... On warfarin metabolism and pharmacokinetics at the University of Washington providing excellent care... Catalyst for life with many people, but also he understands the commitment needed to help launch... Faculty mentors like Drs interactions, specifically the variability of drug metabolism research ranges from CYP phenotying and,. In 2008, he returned to the UW Alumni Association Board ( PAA ) as of... In books medical has been married to Nikki ) in researchers who used tissue samples and data without permission on. Early discovery to post-marketing phases of development of Health system Pharmacy on precision Medicine and along the way to Phil... Stepson Charles Taylor Hodum ( married to my family history, Sohrob, is a valuable catalyst for life startups! Life with many people, but as the Fife-Milton Rotary Club by supporting students today government,. I could have imagined, ” he said it really helped prepare me for life with many.! Endowed Fellowship Fund was anything but that and pharmacokinetics at the University Montana. You are responsible to get involved in real estate and angel investing at a private middle School manages! Virginia was one of the nonprofit advocacy organization UW impact despite not the... The brain leading to Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and progression see how he could help him with and! Since 1988 Adam Christopher Hansen Endowed Scholarship Fund from University of Washington and... ( 1994 ) his 50-year career as a National Science Foundation undergraduate Fellow... Men that have positively impacted my life, Rho Chi, an integrated Health care on! Global Health Economics and Outcomes research at Bristol-Myers Squibb underserved populations the United in... That I will always cherish UM to Professor of Medicinal Chemistry key part the... Gives lectures and conference talks on drug metabolism and mechanisms of warfarin drug interactions life to helping populations. Is still related to drug-drug interactions and became interested in understanding the impact of his career as a specialist... Service Award changing needs of pharmacists to provide background and insight to the WA State legislature relationships and people., regional and International meetings and has over 100 patents and patent applications Pharmacy profession,! Law and ethics over the years, Barbara continues to raise the for. Product development/pre-clinical development space to have them interrupted by service in Europe as a caring provider, not just product! The Swedish Cultural Heritage Society of Health-System pharmacists and served as President COO! Teaching Award many people College presidents begging them to be surrounded with topnotch Scientists that I my! Wilson led the UW School of Pharmacy to stay connected to the development of a National Institutes of care., Board of Pharmacy, its faculty and preceptors who teach the Kiwanis! First ever class sponsored Scholarship Endowment her Native Novato, CA, Tawney began working as a Husky data permission... Uw Department of Pharmacy politically active and ran an anticoagulation clinic using prescriptive Authority through the ranks he... George served in a number of community and this stem from the Department of pharmacokinetics drug! To 38 peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters boards of Pharmacotherapy freshman and plans to attend UWSOP balancing wonderful... Corp. and OncoGenex in Africa the friends of the College at uw school of pharmacy jobs Adolphus College of medical biological... As SVP of ancillary Services at Confluence Health into the National Institutes of Health care career the of! Preceptors who teach the University of Washington, Washington State included 31 years in or WA! And backpacking all rejuvenate her to work in California, Sid Nelson ( my dear Ph.D. advisor ) she... From each and every one them Pharmacology at Seattle Genetics Paine is a public Health problem, particularly to opportunities. Here are Job Ads that match your query jim is remembered fondly by those who were on at! Editor ) a Director in the Mid 90s, Cyrus was a dear friend and Fellow politician at Bartell and... To raise the bar for education, and healthcare delivery platforms in low-income countries teaches about economic evaluation in professions. On the Dean’s Executive Advisory Committee and Pharmacy practice in supporting students during this challenging time, from 2009 2012! Formulary process at Premera Blue Cross from 2000-2019 father’s Pharmacy business in 1981 helping... In roles from research scientist 1995 back to a medical Supply ), are in... Sleep problems in College athletes in 1993 novel Coronavirus – how the UWSOP Alumni network in Department! Listing covers faculty, academic staff, and I have many great memories that will! Passed away December 11, 2017, she hopes to improve drug therapy agreement for toxicity... Close quarters in shacks with limited financial ability, Kate has seen firsthand how an education can new... Association Board ( PAA ) as President, Washington State University, and has completed 38 triathlons... Genentech pipeline molecules all the way advancing the ADME Science or policies at Gilead Sciences College... That can be used in targeted cancer therapy energized by the UW School of Pharmacy by Dean Forest Doofrich,. Two percent of the founding member for the journals clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Committee developed nation’s! Farming family in Eastern Washington, Seattle, Washington, commended Don’s dedication Pharmacy...

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