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Like most of his designs the handle has an almost orthotic quality to it. Regardless of which method one uses, the action is dialled in perfectly. The flipper is successful as well. Thanks for another great review, Dan. I agree, Emersons have always struck me as expensive knives. Article Review by Mike Searson. While the company has made minor incremental improvements to their products over the years, the knives have remained largely unchanged. I prefer the standoffs to the old backspace construction for the ease of cleaning it allows. But if Spyderco can make a flipper, I guess Emerson can too. Part of me also wonders why they don't do the liner lock side out of steel, surely it would be tougher than titanium. Get the best deals for emerson mini sheepdog at eBay.com. Best EDC Knives I like this knife a lot. I really appreciate that. They also released the CQC-7 flipper. I hope it inspires the company to try more new things. I think this is the Emerson knife a lot of people have been waiting for. One sour note is the crapload of logos on the blade… hopefully they will wear off eventually as I think the blade would look better with a few less. A liner lock is a good choice for a flipper as there is no chance of pressing the lock bar in and making the knife harder to open like with a frame lock. In bowie form the Sheepdog blade is nigh on perfection (it also comes in a spearpoint which looks good, just not as good as the bowie). The Sheepdog comes with your choice of a clip point or spear point blade. That makes it damned hard to pull the trigger on really any Emerson. Designed in collaboration with former Airborne Ranger and West Point Instructor Lt. It’s not super deep carry, but you can easily retrieve the knife. It is the first Emerson design to feature a bearing system in the pivot rather than a washer system and the first Emerson knife to feature a “flipper.” No callused fingers from this flipper. A former Airborne Ranger and […] This ball-bearing feature is only seen on our Flipper Knives. $181.76. It makes it an easy knife to sharpen, but you lose a little edge retention and the blade shows wear without much effort. The handle is generous, while the blade is big enough to get work done without being over the top. On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, Emerson Sheep Dog - Spear Point Blade - Folding Knife with Wave SF, Blade Thickness: .125 in. In contrast the Sheepdog isn’t a model where the flipper was an afterthought. Your email address will not be published. Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. In the months following this review the Sheepdog developed some pretty serious lock rock. Emerson Sheepdog Review. I must admit that it is a bit disappointing for a knife of this price that within a month the lock had worn across past the end of the blade. Current Stock: Wishlist. The lock stick subsided over a week, but the lock has kept travelling. This isn’t the only flipper Emerson has done. This one is quite impressive. Still I am almost inexplicably drawn to these knives. That being said, I am not as concerned about it as I would be with other brands. This Sheepdog is the first Emerson flipper which also features the new bearing system. I also used the knife on wood and for some mild food prep. The Sheepdog has an overall length of 8.4″, a 3.5″ blade, and it weighs 5.54 ounces. I easily recommend the Sheepdog for Emerson fans. GTC Stainless Bearings. I’m glad Grossman got more than his company logo on this knife. As usual this won’t be practical for your average urban or suburban EDC, but no Emerson is. The argument goes that the one sided edge grind makes the knife easier to sharpen in the field. This is the first Emerson flipper I have reviewed, and it features their new ball bearing system. Best Tactical Knives Having said that, it is good to see Ernest Emerson trying new things. As usual I found my lock was sticky out of the box. The Emerson Sheepdog Flipper features a ball-bearing pivot system to allow for a smooth and rapid deployment. After a few emails back and forward and filling in a form, the Sheepdog was jet setting its way back to the good old US of A. The Emerson has, IMO, a better pocket clip and warranty, but as a knife the Viper is just better and costs less. You sharpen the bevel side as you normally would, and that quickly raises a prominent burr. I assume this is something to do with the flipper action (maybe more complicated to dial in two detents?). Emerson Reliant SF Wave Folding Knife. The flipper is successful as well. The knife is called the Rangemaster Sheepdog and it is one very nice piece of sharpened goodness.. The clip is the same black parkerized stainless steel spring clip that you will find on every other standard Emerson. I’m a bit “old school,” so I love Emerson’s traditional offerings. See more ideas about Emerson knives, Knife review, Emerson. normally. It features a ball-bearing pivot system to allow for a smooth and rapid deployment. $216.86. While the teflon washers are slow and gritty, these bearings are fast, smooth, and a pleasure to operate. The Emerson Sheepdog knife comes in a mini and full size folder with unique features that are new additions to Emerson Knives. However, I don't think there is much advantage over the standard symmetrical edge. $181.76. Ernest Emerson has allied with noted author, speaker, and soldier Lt. Col. Dave Grossman to produce Emerson’s first flipper knife that will be the official blade for Grossman’s company, Sheepdog Knife and Gun.. The flipper tab is well designed and easy to operate, however, personally, I do find the look of the flipper a bit jarring in terms of aesthetics. This is one of those Emerson design quirks that polarises people. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as Emerson knives are always big and thick. I think I hear the call of the siren on this one. My problem with Emerson remains that price to performance ratio is so far off. While it’s smooth but still need a bit of wrist work to flip it open. It’s a relatively big knife, and it is thick, but it’s not going anywhere with this pants-shredding G-10. Last Updated: July 30, 2019 Having reviewed many Emerson knives over the years, and reaching largely the same conclusions, you would think I am a glutton for punishment in selecting the Emerson Sheep Dog for review. This means the blade retains good strength at the tip. Please consider that purchasing anything through any of the links on this website helps support BladeReviews.com, and keeps the site going. The Collaberation between Ltc David Grossman of SDK&G and Ernest Emerson culminated into a smoother more detailed knife. He grew up using pocket knives, and the decision to start the website stemmed from his fascination of all things sharp combined with a deep passion for writing. Emerson Reliant SF Wave Folding Knife. It’s a nice functional clip. I recommend purchasing the Emerson Sheepdog at Amazon, and BladeHQ. Last Updated: July 30, 2019 Tightening the pivot is easy via the flat head screw and quickly resolves this. However, after a couple of days it had already travelled quite considerably (60%) and had a lot of stick. can’t seem to get it right with only two opening methods! Emerson Sheepdog Flipper - Spear Point - Stonewashed Blade - Partially Serrated MSRP: $254.95 Was: $254.95 This model seems marketed more to the non-military use (hence the Sheepdog name). Emerson Sheepdog Bowie Satin Plain Emerson. The clip is nice and wide and has a flattened tip, meaning that in hand the clip never feels offensive.The handle makes the sheepdog really feels solid and confidence inspiring in the hand. It features black G-10 handles with spear point and Bowie blades. FREE SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. Personally, I have no problem with this grind and found it no trouble to get razor sharp when I’m out and about with a little ceramic rod. The Sheepdog has quickly become one of the most highly rated and searched for Emerson Knives. I was pretty shocked to see that, after all Emerson is built on another deployment method (the Wave). I wouldn’t complain if they installed a slightly heavier detent, but as it stands I’m not concerned about the knife opening in my pocket. When this happens the liner lock travels all the way to the opposite liner and squeezing the handle results in a slight flex and an audible creaking. The action does feel really smooth but with a hint of feedback, kind of like a lead pencil across nice paper. If I only could check out one Emerson for EDC / general utility purposes this would be it. Due to the late lock-up, sometimes, when opened gently there is now a tiny bit of lock rock as the liner doesn’t go far enough across to really lock in.The pivot does seem to have a habit of loosening itself up quite considerably over a couple of days’ use. The Rangemaster Sheepdog project was prompted by Lt. The Sheepdog flips well thanks in part to a large flipper tab, relatively heavy blade, and GTC bearing system. However, I personally think the flipper looks awkward, and to be honest, I think it loses some of that soul that makes an Emerson just a bit different. I applied a little Sharpie marker to the tang of the knife, and it helped tremendously in alleviating the lock stick. These Emersons have a lot of character, and I can understand the appeal (although I still have my preferences). Thanks Dan for this review that I have been waiting for from you. If you already realize that going into the purchase, then I think you will find a lot to like with the Sheepdog. The primary grind is “V” ground, while the edge is only applied to the show side. I have a suspicion that Emerson heat treats their 154CM on the softer side. Emerson Knives This model, aptly named the Sheepdog, is the first Emerson knife to feature a flipper mechanism and it's absolutely perfectly done. A well thought out design. The knock against Emerson Knives has always been that they open slower than the DMV. This is a purpose built utility and self defense knife geared towards law enforcement (hence the name). ... Emerson Sheepdog SFS Flipper with Wave - Spear Point Folding Knife. This isn’t the sleekest flipper design, and the action won’t rival a ZT, but the flipper is functional and less clumsy looking than the CQC-7 flipper. This ball-bearing feature is only seen on our Flipper Knives. He is well known in the military and tactical world and the founder/owner of Sheepdog Knife and Gun. However, the Sheepdog brings something new to the table. Emerson got a bad rap for their knives a few years ago for off-centered blades, tooling marks on the liners, late lockups, etc. These bearings are like night and day in comparison. I have carried my knife primarily on evenings and weekends. This isn’t the sleekest flipper design, and the action won’t rival a ZT, but the flipper is functional and less clumsy looking than the CQC-7 flipper. It should be noted that the blade does have a chisel ground (i.e. Corrosion resistance is pretty good, but 154CM will stain if you aren’t careful with it. This Sheepdog is still very much a traditional Emerson, but the inclusion of bearings and an ambidextrous pocket clip are big steps. That has changed with the introduction of the Emerson bearing system. Dan is the creator of BladeReviews.com. Personally I have pondered more than once as to why they do this. Best Survival Knives However I finds the detents are almost nonexistent. He is also a martial artist, and edged weapon specialist. Due to the ‘thinner’ (well when compared to other hard-use folders these days) 3mm blade stock, while not a slicer like a PM2, the Sheepdog doesn’t bind up significantly when cutting sheets of material. I share your thoughts on pricing in relative to the material used and the old issue of inconsistent ‘fit and finish’ – if that’s still the same problem for their current offerings. Many of the Emerson knives on sale, such as the Emerson Super Roadhouse and Emerson … Initially I thought there must be a thicker spacer behind the bearing, but on disassembly everything is still the same. The Sheepdog takes a nice toothy edge, and has no problem with boxes, and I broke down plenty in the wake of assembling furniture and appliances for my rental house. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. The Sheepdog uses standoffs in-lieu of the old school Emerson back spacer. For the life of me I can't work out what is causing the larger gap, but hey it works so I won't complain. It is perfectly contoured for the hand and excels in multiple grips. The announcement of an Emerson knife with a flipper and ball-bearing pivot has created a frenzy of excitement. I wish they did this for all their knives. Note the larger gap between the blade and the locking side liner. All up it is a good knife, well built, well designed and I can’t really fault it objectively (other than the quick wearing lock). In terms of lock-up the Sheepdog employs a titanium liner lock as per almost all other Emersons. Emerson CQC-7 BW BT Black Blade w Wave. Lt. Part of me wonders if the rapid waving contributed to the accelerated lock wear I experienced (more on that later). It carries as you would expect it to. The GTC bearing system is worth another paragraph. $190.76. Both blade shapes are cut from 1/8″ thick blade stock. This Sheepdog is still very much a traditional Emerson, but the inclusion of bearings and an ambidextrous pocket clip are big steps. Your index finger sinks into a deep finger groove while the flared pommel catches your pinky perfectly and the gently sloping spine supports your palm. This is is a caged bearing system designed by Brazilian custom knifemaker Gustavo Cecchini of GTC Knives. Minus a few scratches visible on the vertical striations in certain lighting, the finish has proven to hide wear well and looks great. In 2015, they introduced the Emerson Sheepdog Flipper; it was an instant success, and remains a … It slices well, but also offers excellent penetration ability. The Viper Italo give you a ti framelock with steel lockbar insert, M390 blade, bearing pivot, still opens off the pocket and costs less. Colonel David Grossman, a former Airborne Ranger and West Point Instructor.

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