abuse of power by police

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In many places, police not only fail to protect vulnerable people from violence, but they are violent predators themselves. The dictionary definition of power is to be in possession of control, authority or influence over others. Police officers have been given great powers by the public in order to properly discharge their responsibilities. I still remember the words of my father, a gentle man. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” As long as there are mortal men with ulterior motives (which defines a large preponderance of mankind), there will be corruption and abuse. No one should feel any kind of oppression. However, police officers also exercise a great deal of control over the lives of the people they interact with, and an abuse of this power is particularly egregious. George Floyd, a man of colour pleading to police officers to not use force against him because of the asphyxiation they were causing, was ignored inhumanely which lead to his death. To file a complaint against the police, one needs to approach the police, hence showing the dilemma and fear that a common man faces while reporting such cases. According to the United Nations Convention Against Torture. There was a widespread protest against this long ongoing discrimination in the country. The police have access to a large arsenal of weapons, one being the taser. The law should hold superior officials responsible for the activities taking place under their jurisdiction. [1] Merriam Webster Dictionary, Available Here, [2] M. P. 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The police are the law enforcers who ensure that the laws are implemented at the ground level. Police brutality is a despicable act that has been endangering the systematic framework of the operational procedures. The killing of George Floyd and the events of the past week require us to recognize that police unions have abused the power of collective bargaining in … India’s attempt to implement a stricter Anti-Torture Law has failed not once but several times. This is in stark contrast with the nature of the work they are sworn in to carry out, but this act of misuse of power has been prevalent for a very long time[2]. However, police officers also exercise a great deal of control over the lives of the people they interact with, and an abuse of this power is particularly egregious. According to Section 330 of the Indian Penal Code. There have been increasing incidents of misuse of the powers vested in them. It should be a well-established fact that no one stands above the law, not even those who carry out the process of delivery of justice. What do you think a police officer is? Did you know that the taser can fire up to 50,000 volts of electricity? In practice, this is when a police officer searches your area without having the right to do so, finds something illegal, and arrests you. India needs a truly comprehensive anti-torture legislation that should mandatorily address various dimensions related to police brutality. Police forces are well established, financed and coordinated internally. The movement did not only focus to bring the perpetrators to justice but to also raise awareness about the increasing atrocities against a specific group in the society and to change the mindset of the people. According to the director of National Campaign Against Torture, Paritosh Chakma, the torture techniques used in 2019 were hammering iron nails into the body, hitting private parts, electric shocks, branding with a hot iron rod, pressing fingernails with pliers, kicking the abdomen of pregnant women and many more. Why French Protests Pivoted to Police Power and Abuse PARIS, FRANCE - DECEMBER 05: Firefighters put out a fire during a protest on December 5, 2020 in Paris, France. This led to the death of at least 12 individuals which garnered heavy criticism from various human rights groups and the United Nations[7] as an intense measure that was completely uncalled for. The offence is, in essence, one of abuse of the power or responsibilities of the office held. Abuse of Power by Police Officers. The abuse of power spread into my private life as well. An officer stopped a 20-year-old black man for dancing in the … Corruption and abuse of power Police forces must refer allegations of serious corruption to us. Caroline Alexander; Ania Nussbaum; Bookmark. Police brutality and systemic inequality will continue unless we create real and sustainable change in every aspect of our society by demanding the power the government refuses to concede. Republic TV Moves NHRC Alleging Mumbai Police Tortured Employee “This was an utter abuse of power by the police officers, and patently unconstitutional,” claimed Republic TV. In conclusion, although many officers put their lives on the line to keep us safe it is still important to realize that all of the other officers are the ones putting our lives on the line. A law enforcement officer acts "under color of law" even if he or she is exceeding his or her rightful power. However, police may be held liable according to federal law. The movement was sparked by the death of one individual but stood for the thousands of others who had perished due to the inhumane treatment by these law enforcers. Millions of the most vulnerable people in the world live in fear of police who extort bribes and brutalise innocent citizens. Police Abuse Of Power In many places, police not only fail to protect vulnerable people from violence, but they are perpetuating the cycle of brutality and violence themselves. India must ratify the international conventions and take deeper cognizance into the systemic failure that has been caused not at a single level but multiple levels. Several shootings, beatings, and more is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately because it is considered a criminal act. In essence, an article called Police and Human rights it says, “The ‘back laws’, are not the main reason for the more serious violations of human rights. additional demands. But the witnesses and the video evidence retrieved from the site tell a completely different story, hence showing the tactics used by them to cover up their misdeeds. This was not the first incident of a black person losing life because of the ruthlessness of the police. This systemic violence against them was carried on until they were admitted to the hospital where they lost their lives. These abuses in power clearly stands against the ideals of this great nation. abuse of power Ex-Judge Says Push To Dismiss Flynn Case Is 'Abuse Of Power' Former U.S. District Judge John Gleeson said the government “has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President.” This clearly shows how hard it is for a common man to get justice against their own ‘protectors.’. The types of law enforcement misconduct covered by these laws include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrests, theft, or the intentional fabrication of evidence resulting in a loss of liberty to another. Police brutality and the abuse of power, held by them is one of the most alarming and gruesome challenges for a country. Brutality can be caused by a shortage in the training and management of an officer. Malicious Prosecution: A Deep Dive Into Abuse of Power by Police There are several Supreme Court and high court cases which have revealed … Law treats all who appear before the court equally and it is not up to a few individuals such as the police to deliver justice or resort to their own fast track methods.

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